Cardano’s Hoskinson Says, “XRP Provides No Partnership or Technical Value”

XRP Lawsuit: Attorney Reveals Ripple's Biggest Danger In SEC Case As It Edges Towards Gigantic Win

The founder of Cardano has made some notable comments, denoting his thoughts on the Ripple network and its native token, XRP. In a response tweet to being called out for distancing himself from the Ripple community, he set the record straight on his views about Ripple. 

Charles Hoskinson permanently cut ties with the Ripple community 

“There is no point inviting toxicity into your life. It’s abusive and pointless. Even in saying it now there are mocking baby memes. Life is too short. Move on and cut it out. XRP provides no partnership or technical value. The community is toxic and petty. I can live without it,” he explained. 

Prior to this, Hoskinson had been receiving backlash from the XRP community after what he clarifies was a “misunderstanding” began to spread around.

In a recent Twitter live, he addressed the misinformation, clarifying that he only mentioned that the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit might end on the 15th of December because a trustworthy insider source made it known. He added that Cardano and Ripple had built partnerships in the past and that he was always positive to the Ripple community.

He went over the ongoing Ripple case, explaining how he believes that Ethereum might have been given fair treatment from the SEC, but that could also give Ripple the upper hand.

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His comment reads ; 

“There is no evidence that the SEC was bribed to go after Ripple, the conspiracy there is just senseless, and also if you believe Ethereum got a free pass why is that not good for ripple? because it gives you ammunition in the case to argue that XRP is not a security,  based upon the decisions made about Ethereum. It makes no sense to me.” 

He maintained that he’d make no comments on Ripple moving forward. He also added that if he were invited to any panel that included a member of the Ripple community, he’d sit it out. He explains that he’s making a choice to steer clear of Ripple in hopes that it resolves the online harassment and misunderstanding from community members.

“It makes no sense to me commenting on that should not make me public enemy number one commenting on things I’ve heard is rumors that I prefaced as rumors and then calling me a liar afterwards is again beyond the pale so no comment moving forward no engagement moving forward.” He added.