Crypto Adherents Looking to Switch In Droves Are Now Eyeing HedgeUp

Crypto Adherents Looking to Switch In Droves Are Now Eyeing HedgeUp

HedgeUp is a decentralized niche platform that bridges the gap between crypto users and alternative acquisition options. It makes it easier for crypto users to instil alternative investment assets like gold, art, wine, diamonds, aviation, and luxury watches, among others. 

One of the key benefits of alternative investment options is that the portfolio’s exposure to market volatility is reduced. Also, one gets the benefit of a diversified portfolio that can potentially fetch enhanced returns. 

According to the HedgeUp team, their basket of alternative investment products has the potential to gain an average return of 28-36%. Using a mix of assets enables the team to have a buffer against market conditions. The HedgeUp team will also host online masterclasses with professional experts dealing with alternative investments for 30+ years. These masterclasses will enable users to know more about the alternative investment space and make more informed decisions.

The platform has implemented a robust security framework to shield its users’ interests and offer privacy. It will leverage the decentralized autonomous organizational (DAO) model for its governance which stresses a community-driven approach in daily operations. The platform will integrate the HedgeUp DAO system while overseeing its investment baskets, allocating liquidity, and planning future initiatives.

All community members will be encouraged to participate in the platform’s governance and voice their concerns on the team’s plans for the $HDUP Token and the HedgeUp ecosystem. Those participating in HedgeUp DAO will get exclusive voting rights to vote for proposals pitched by other community members. Plus, they will be eligible for additional benefits for their participation.


What Are The Benefits That Users can Get Out of HedgeUp?

Regarding the economic model, the HedgeUp team will partner with startups to facilitate its users’ market entry. HedgeUp experts and analysts will negotiate deals with third-party vendors selling alternative investment products. Once the deals are finalized, the products will be listed for users to infuse in. Also, these products will be stored in an insured and licensed vault.

One of the key USPs of the platform is HedgeUp’s NFT collection, wherein users can either buy an individual asset or an entire collection of investment products. Those interested in buying these NFTs also have the option of fractional ownership. Under the fractional ownership models, users can buy just a portion of the NFT. Users can also purchase and sell their HedgeUp investments on its NFT marketplace.

Of the many initiatives taken by the platform is HedgeVerse, wherein HedgeUp will partner with metaverse companies to support its users with trade and communication. HedgeVerse has been envisaged to bring service providers and crypto users together via SocialFi and improve business logistics.

All You Want to Know About the $HDUP Token

The $HDUP Token is the main cryptocurrency on the HedgeUp network and is a versatile token that comes in handy while dealing with a wide array of transactional uses. The token will be available on presale for those interested in buying it. Its total supply has been fixed at 999,000,000 units, and these tokens will be allocated for different uses. The biggest share of tokens has been allocated to presale at 35%. 

The rest of the supply will be allocated for marketing activities, liquidity management, advisory and partners, exchange listing, liquidity pool provisioning, charitable activities, and staking and distributing rewards. Users should know that the tokens bought on presale will have a vesting period.

The platform will be implementing a tax system that allows it to maintain the network. While there won’t be any tax levied on the purchase of taxes, users will have to pay a 5% tax if they sell the $HDUP Token. If the token is being redistributed, then a tax of 1% will have to be paid. Participate in the $HDUP presale to generate potentially huge returns in the future. 

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