Cardano (ADA) $1 Trillion in Market cap Soon – Charles Hoskinson

Cardano (ADA) $1 Trillion in Market cap Soon - Charles Hoskinson

One of the most sought-after cryptocurrency right now is Cardano (ADA), the popularity of the coin is growing higher by the day, as its user base seems to be increasing, with each passing day.
The Cardano (ADA) still maintains its charm and ability to attract hodlers, due to its highly secure blockchain and ease of use.
The DLT-based digital currency is on top of its game, and there is no stopping it, as investors continue to applaud its every move to become one of the significant digital assets in the global cryptospace.

What Does the Future Hold for Cardano(ADA)

The popularity of Cardano is yielding excellent dividends as the project is growing by leaps and bounds.
The Co-founder of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson in a session with stakeholders expressed optimism about the Cardano project, and in the future of the company.
He stressed that he sees the coin reaching a global market and marking a significant push for global domination of the crypto world.
Cardano(ADA) currently has a circulating supply of $4.5 billion and considering the token is yet to attain global hegemony, its what’s best called a work in progress.
The token’s popularity is backed by its value. At present, Cardano (ADA) is among the top ten blockchain-based virtual currencies in the world by market capitalization. This is a very great pointer to the fact that the community is genuinely committed to Cardano and has a great deal of confidence in the Cardano project.
Though it does not have a fully developed Blockchain system ( others in the top 10 has, except IOTA), it’s still a darling among the rest in the digital currency market.

A Trillion Dollar Blockchain

Though, not a nonprofit body, Hoskinson stressed that profit is not the main reason for its establishment, and thus cannot be a prerequisite for the token to be a global force. He noted that, if the altcoin can be accepted globally, and not only by a section of the cryptocurrency investors, the token will achieve its aim and can reach a trillion dollars sooner than later.