BTCMEX Crypto Derivatives Exchange Aims to take over the Market with New Affiliate Program and $120 Trading Bonus

BTCMEX Crypto Derivatives Exchange Aims to take over the Market with New Affiliate Program and $120 Trading Bonus

BTCMEX, a crypto derivatives exchange startup is looking to take over the cryptospace with its newly launched affiliate program offering traders a $120 bonus.

BTCMEX is focused on providing its users with the opportunities they need to change their financial lives for the better and the platform has already raised its daily trading volume to $50 million in less than one month since its launch.

BTCMEX is the brainchild of China’s bitcoin big whale, Li Xiaolai, who is also the creator of several successful crypto projects including Steemit and BigOne exchange.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, BTCMEX has offices around the world and its core values are trust, people, and innovation. These core values have enabled the team to establish a robust, fair and transparent exchange that’s creating a level playing field for both expert and newbie traders.

Intricate Features

BTCMEX offers users low, flexible fees, 24/7 multilingual customer support, 100 percent trading uptime with HotFix and Off-site system backups.


What’s more, BTCMEX boasts 100k TPS for all trading pairs and offers 10x the average industry speed with 1ms latency.

On BTCMEX, users’ funds are stored in a safe, multi-signature cold wallet and the exchange’s security system is custom made and tested by an international team of experts.

BTCMEX has established an education platform to help both newbie and experienced traders get the best results, and it has also crafted a comprehensive traders manual dubbed the BTCMEX trading Codex.

The platform is also gaining traction on Twitter and has also created a forum on its website which supports four languages and plans to add more languages in February.

The BTCMEX trading bonus on offer can be redeemed without KYC within just 30 seconds. The exchange also offers many more bonuses including the $10 Ignition Bonus for registered users who retweeted @btcmexglobal, a $50 Booster bonus for those who make an initial deposit of $50 and $60 Nitro bonus for anyone with a total deposit of 0.3 BTC.

Affiliates can earn up to 60 percent in commissions from direct traffic, including Maker Fees payments, while indirect traffic from sub-affiliates attracts an additional 20 percent. All commissions can be withdrawn daily, in real-time.

Affiliates enjoy 24/7 personal account management, customized marketing materials, and much more.

In the near future, BTCMEX plans to develop an AI-powered price prediction system that will enhance the trading strategies of users, provide better security, and more.