Price Watch: Is Bitcoin On A Downward Trend To $6,800?

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Over the last few days, the crypto market has been a little undecided on which direction to take, with top coins like Bitcoin swinging up and down in price. A few days ago, Bitcoin touched the $9k crest before plummeting all the way down to $7,718.

This baffling change has much thought about the future of this top crypto, with some like Josh Rager taking to Twitter to dish out their opinions.

In a tweet that has since garnered a few replies. Josh had a few things to point out about the current Bitcoin market situation. He said that in the current atmosphere, Bitcoin needs to close somewhere above the $8,203 if things were to get any better.

At Risk Of Downward Price Action

According to Josh, Bitcoin risks a further dip under the $8k mark if it doesn’t shore up to close at $8,200. In fact, while replying to a comment on the thread, Josh opined that if the top crypto doesn’t show signs of upward recovery, it could end up dropping to $7k.

However, one of the commenters on the thread had a rather radical opinion on the matter arguing that Bitcoin could actually go all the way down to $6,800, although there are still no signs to indicate that the current market stagnancy could end in a serious pull-back for Bitcoin’s price.


BTC To Bump Back Up

As much as Bitcoin has been dilly-dallying between $8,000 and $8,700 for much of the past few days, it’s pretty certain that the number crypto still retains the bullish drive that pulled it out of the long crypto winter just a few weeks back.

That said, it’s generally agreed that although Bitcoin may face a short-term resistance as it struggles to break above the $8k support level, it’s still possible that it could close the year on a high note. At the moment, Bitcoin trades at around $8,003, with a current total market cap of $141.86 billion and a daily trading volume totaling $23 billion.

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