Good News: Seems BTC-E is Almost Fully Back

BTC-e still down

The Exchange has been down after it was shut down by the US government over allegations of money laundering, fraud and hacking from one of its users Vinnik Alexander who was also alleged to be an admin or the main admin of the exchange of which BTC-E stated in their previous update that alexander Vinnik had no personal interaction with them other than being a normal user of the exchange.

BTC-E shutdown put many users of the exchange in a disarray of which a user by name “JACK KINGSTON” said that he had up to $430,000 in the exchange. BTC-E reportedly said that the US govt has 45% of the funds in the exchange.

Users were promised to be updated always on any new developmental progress that they were making and they have finally released good info on their twitter account stating a new domain name BTC-E.NZ (might be a temporary domain name). since their former domain, was seized by the US govt.

btc-e back up - zycrypto

Users can log in and access their account and can also chat on the troll box and trade as they would do on other exchanges but we are not yet sure on withdrawal as at the time of writing this article.


The exchange is one of the oldest exchange in the crypto space despite being anonymous and has been serving its usual well before the unexpected shut down from the US govt, they have promised to come back and pay 55% from the funds that are still in their possession and then possibly pay the remaining ones from the BTE tokens and trading fees.

Users really hope to see BTC-E working perfectly and regain the trust that people might have lost on them and also give a good name to the Crypto Space.