BOSAGORA’s Native Token BOA Gets Listed On South Korean Exchange Bithumb

BOSAGORA’s Native Token BOA Gets Listed On South Korean Exchange Bithumb

Leading South Korean next-generation smart contract blockchain firm BOSAGORA continues its impressive form, which started in 2019, as the digital currency BOA is now listed on the major South Korean exchange platform Bithumb.

The Asian blockchain community continues to soar as BOSAGORA’s native token BOA, which is governed by a democratic ‘’ Congress Network’’ of users experienced a major leap in Q4 of 2019 by witnessing a staggering 279% growth and has not looked back in 2020 as the coin reached an all-time high in March.

Massive Leap in the Asia Crypto Market

Cryptocurrency trading is fast becoming an integral part of everyday business life in Asia, as a new law in South Korea creates a new platform for crypto trading in the country. The new move in the Asia crypto hub is expected to bring greater certainty, security, and growth to blockchain-related projects in the country.

BOSAGORA was established in 2017 and subsequently released a whitepaper in 2019 to state its core concept and lay the foundation for its future success. This move provided the main framework for its rapid development and growth towards the end of 2019.

The project is hinged on a very simple vision, which is to project an enabling blockchain, supported by the robust functionality of its Trust Contracts, and galvanized by the adaptive and equitable nature of its democratic governance.


These high-level features coupled with a series of other mechanisms gives BOSAGORA the immense advantage of creating the first smart contract blockchain powered by the collective intelligence of its users.

A Major Force in Asia

The BOSAGORA’s project is bolstered by its scalability, as it plays host to an inbuilt second layer solution generally referred to as the Flash Layer. This particular feature closely relates to the concept of Bitcoin’s Lightning network.

The Flash layer allows for a seamless transaction as it confirms actions on the platform without adding additional strain to the blockchain, or settlement layer.

Although South Korea boasts of some of the most revered blockchain experts in Asia and the world at large, BOSAGORA has managed to stay on top of the food chain by employing cutting edge technology, coupled with seasoned professionals who have paid their dues in the industry, thereby making the platform one of the very best in the country and in the cryptocurrency world at large.

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