Bitcoin at $250,000 by 2022 is “Understating the Power of Bitcoin” – Tim Draper

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Tim Draper, in an interview, confirms he still stands with his $250,000 BTC’s prediction by 2022. However, he says BTC at this price will be “understating the power of bitcoin.”

Tim Draper Sticks With Prediction, However, Says We Could See Something Better

Tim Draper is one of many bitcoin optimists. Not only known for his optimistic views on bitcoin, but he’s also been reported buying dips during bear runs. The bitcoin billionaire believes bitcoin is a better store of value than gold. Therefore, it will make a valuable asset which will receive a lot of attention in the coming years.

Mr. Draper, at some point, though maintaining his stance on his $250K prediction, has moved his prediction date to Q1 of 2023. The new date he attributed to bitcoin’s slow trend at the time; however, he believes his prediction should hit before the set date.

In his most recent interview with BlockTV, Tim Draper, again, doubles down on his prediction. This time, he added that price at “$250,000 means that bitcoin would then have about a 5% market share of the currency world.” He further said that this would “be understating the power of bitcoin.” His reason was when using bitcoin becomes as easy as using fiat, then people would prefer using the digital currency instead.

Other Bitcoin Optimists Who Believe The Best Of BTC

John McAfee, the famous American software developer, turned crypto evangelist would top this list. His insane prediction before 2020’s end stands at $1m. However, he made it clear that bitcoin’s price may not be a million bucks at 2020’s end, but between now and then, it will hit the mark at some point.


Fran Strajnar, CEO of Brave New Coin, has also left his footprint in the sands of time. The CEO predicted bitcoin hitting $200,000 by January 2020. In his opinion, this rally would be driving by bitcoin’s adoption.

“Hashrates, number of wallets, apps, dapps … all that infrastructure is just steadily increasing, so adoption is most definitely happening and a lot easier to quantify, so we’re fairly confident with the fundamentals of Bitcoin, and we’re questioning a lot of the fundamentals of the [initial coin offerings],” Fran Strajnar tells Inverse in an interview.