John McAfee Affirms One Bitcoin Will Equal a Million Dollars Before The End of 2020

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A British-American Programmer and the founder of McAfee Association declared with all assurance that one bitcoin will equal a million dollar by the end of December 2020. Speaking in an interview, the programmer said he will eat his private part if his prophecy doesn’t come to pass.

People are waking up to the fact that Bitcoin will be $1,000 000. But when? “Someday”. “Maybe 5 years”. “WIthin a decade”. I’m the only one giving you a hard date: Dec 31st, 2020

It is really a very serious affirmation for a man to stake his ‘life’ for a system he doesn’t even have control over. Speaking further he clarified that he reached as far as betting with his manhood to prove how sure he is that bitcoin will appreciate in value. Mr. McAfee said he doesn’t want to join the category of people believing that bitcoin price will rise someday, so he is definite about his prophecy.

Another enthusiast who believes one bitcoin will equal a million dollar is the vice president of blockchain and digital currency at IBM, Jesse Lund. When replying to a question on his expectation on the future of bitcoin, he told Crypto Finder that he believes one bitcoin will equal a million dollar someday.

He said:


‘I see Bitcoin at a million dollar someday, ‘I have actually blogged about this a little bit.’

“I like that number, because if Bitcoin is at $1 million, then a Satoshi will be equal to one U.S. penny, which would mean that there is over $20 trillion of liquidity in this network and this $20 trillion of liquidity would massively change the global financial services landscape.’

The Crypto VP of IBM believes this will happen in the long run but also said he is expecting bitcoin to rise to $5000 for one bitcoin by the end of 2019. His declaration is under probability because he didn’t stake anything to prove how sure he is.