BIP91 finally locks in : No more Split

No more bitcoin split
BIP91 finally locks in
BIP 91 has now met the required signaling level for the period (80%) and has now locked in.

BIP 91 activation is scheduled to take place in 298 Blocks 

In 58 hours time, the update will be activated, Segwit2X aims to activate both the Segregated Witness update and a 2MB block size limit hard fork months later as seen on the twitter poll by @bobbylee

So the 2mb block size limit implementation will increase the transaction size and ease means of confirmation. meanwhile, charlie lee the founder of litecoin also stated a prediction that…

Prediction: When BIP91 locks in and pools signal SegWit, BTC price will rally hard. Just like for Litecoin, market knows SegWit is awesome.

Charlie posted this on twitter after all observations of the BIP91 finally being activated.
The price of bitcoin rose stupendously to a high of $2900+ but later declined back a little, now at $2753.

And was also predicted to hit $5000 by the year-end.

The bitcoin potential split might still happen but at least it is away from about 4 months from now.