Binance Coin set to hit $10, Stellar (XLM) At Risk Of Being Overtaken By BNB

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The Binance coin BNB has been outperforming in the cryptocurrency market since the past two weeks. As if moving from the 12th spot to the 10th spot in less than two weeks isn’t outstanding enough, BNB is taking things to another level with a trading price nearing a $10 breakout.

At the moment of this writing, BNB is the second cryptocurrency amongst the top 15 to attain gains of as much as 6.46% against the USD while other coins and tokens manage to rake in between 1 to 3%.

BNB’s performance so far

At press time, BNB’s current trading price of $9.78 is the first new yearly all-time high for the coin who last saw this price on the 14th of November 2018 and later closed at a price of $8.41. The last four days have seen BNB build its momentum through an increased trading volume. Yesterday, trading volume hit $125.41 million and has since surged by a whopping $25.44 million, landing it at $139.66 million at press time.

Due to the speedy movement of trading volume, BNB only traded on the $8 mark for 4 days, after which it climbed up to the $9 mark. Not only was this price attained just yesterday, but the coin is also soon to cross over to $10 in a short period of time. All thanks to traders from the Binance exchange who have become the top pioneers of the coin’s top two trading volume within the past 24hrs.


Stellar XLM against BNB

Meanwhile, the competitive market volume between BNB ($1.38 billion) and Stellar XLM ($1.52 billion) which is currently occupying the 9th spot is only $14 million apart. Considering the pace at which BNB is moving, against XLM which is struggling to draw in gains of 0.50%, both coins have a high possibility of colliding and going further to trade positions.

Apparently, BNB just might bring CZ’s dream of the coin attaining the 9th position to live in just a few hours if trading volume continues to maintain this level of speed and stability.