Binance Coin (BNB) Crosses $5 Billion Market Valuation

BNB Token to Hit New All-Time High as Binance Chain Launches

Binance Coin is currently making the headlines after the top 10 crypto coin broke a record to post a cool $5 billion total market cap. However, this isn’t the fight time BNB is breaking records. The crypto is already at its ATH price-wise. BNB has been on the rise for the better part of the year.

A $500+ Type Of Coin That Could Overtake ETH?

According to a Twitter user responding to CZ’s tweet, Binance Coin is indeed a coin capable of rising to beyond $500 in value. As a matter of fact, the crypto has demonstrated a lot of potential in terms of price action over the last few months. Binance Coin was still rising even when most of the other cryptocurrencies were braving a bear assault during the crypto winter.

The commenter went on to opine that BNB has the potential to surpass Ethereum (ETH) one day. Although ETH is still a strong coin, BNB’s recent price action, as well as its exponential growth in market cap, puts the cryptos above it in the sights. If the current bullish trend continues, there’s no telling just how high and how fast it could reach.

How About $40 Billion?

DR.’s tweet didn’t stop at just the announcement of the $5 billion market cap. The user went on to entertain the prospect of BNB soon reaching $40 billion. That’s a whole 8-fold growth from the current $5 billion. In his view, DR. thinks that the crypto could reach that target, albeit slowly but surely. That notion could be true – if Binance Coin’s historical trend is anything to go by.