Big Buyers Scooping Up XRP, Will The Price Increase When Ripple Stops Selling?

XRP Acceptance Reaches 40 Million Locations in 180 Countries

Many people seem to wonder a lot about the possibility that any altcoin at all could knock Bitcoin off its position as the world’s number one cryptocurrency. As unlikely as this is, especially with the fact that the “altcoin” tag seemed to have been exclusively created for every crypto that isn’t Bitcoin, there are people who might agree that it’s a possibility.

It’s only reasonable if a notion like this is to be considered, that the second and third largest cryptos are the most suitable candidates. Ethereum (ETH) aside, let’s take a look at Ripple’s XRP.


With services like xRapid or RippleNet, Ripple is doing everything possible to keep its XRP within the first few positions. Still currently the third largest crypto by market cap, XRP is also one of the most adopted cryptos in the market.

Recently, a crypto trader and analyst on Twitter known simply as “Crypto Bitlord”, revealed that Ripple has almost hit $1 Billion in XRP sales putting the coin in a great position to shoot up.

The tweet said:


Predictions like this are not new in the crypto sphere and are actually a dime a dozen. However, this might not be one to dismiss because Ripple really does seem to always be unveiling one project/service or the other.

Forecast on XRP

A day after Crypto Bitlord posted the above tweet, he went ahead to post another, basically expressing an optimism which can only be described as enthusiastic.

The second tweet specifically expressed Crypto Bitlord’s belief that XRP could topple Bitcoin and be a “game changer.”

It might be important to note that based on the replies to this tweet, most people strongly disagree that XRP could ever really topple Bitcoin.

On one hand, XRP – as one reply notes – might actually have a chance to do considerably well as it’s currently being used by major banks and other big institutions who need to move money around. This is definitely a plus for XRP. However, will this be enough to actually flip Bitcoin anytime soon?