Basic Attention Token (BAT) Trading Coming to Gemini Exchange Tuesday, May 5

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Trading Coming to Gemini Tuesday, May 5

Co-Founder and CEO at Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss announced that the Gemini crypto exchange will support the trading of Basic Attention Token (BAT) from this coming Tuesday. He continued by earmarking brave, which is BAT’s web browser that appeals by its speed, security, privacy, and also offering its users a chance to earn rewards.

The announcement was met with mixed reactions from his followers.

“There should be laws against you shilling digital assets ahead of time trying to pump it since we all know you invested in it before open trading on your Gemini exchange,” @thanksheros told Winklevoss. 

He responded by saying, “I don’t (and never have) owned BAT, but would happily disclose if I did. I understand your perception of our industry, but we are trying to change that @Gemini.”

The other notable comments revolved about how the crypto exchange has not listed the third digital asset by capitalization, XRP. He, however, has not yet replied to those comments at the time of writing.


The connection between Brave, BAT, and Gemini

The three are different entities that will now be connected from May 5 at 12 pm ET. Brave was mentioned in the tweet since it utilizes the Basic Attention Token in its reward system. Brave assures users that their time is valued and their data kept private and essentially rewarded.

Brave Rewards is built on the BAT system, which is a new way browsers are gaining more users. Once a user joins Brave’s Reward program, their browser automatically starts tallying the attention one spends on sites.

Once a month, Brave Rewards system sends the user the corresponding amount of BAT from the local browser-based wallet to the sites one visited. The site assures the users that all this is anonymous. Whereby, Brave can only count up the total support for each site and send the BAT their way.

It is from that point that content creators can use Brave partners to convert the Basic Attention Token (BAT) earned into a currency of their choosing. With the new partnership, Gemini will be a fast place for Brave users to liquidate their BAT on the Gemini crypto exchange.

It will be a win-win for all, but the Gemini-twins could benefit in more volume and users from Brave with time.