ARK Set to Sponsor the Miami Bitcoin Conference and Cambridge Hackathon


ARK is really getting busy in the blockchain ecosystem. The ARK team has announced its intention to sponsor and attend one of the Biggest Blockchain conferences in the world, the Miami Bitcoin conferen and also the Hack Cambridge event.
ARK, a platform focused on consumer adoption, on a mission to make blockchain technology readily available for everybody all over the world. ARK’s primary objective of 2018 is to educate and apprise the world of the capabilities of their platform.
This January, ARK is sponsoring The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) holding on January 18 and 19, as well as the Cambridge Hackathon slated to take place on the 20 and 21 of January 2018.
ARK has announced that it is a gold sponsor for the conference, which is one of Bitcoin and Blockchain’s biggest event in the world.  A key member of the ARK team, DR. Scott McPherson will deliver a keynote address at the conference, to educate people about blockchain and the benefits of the ARK platform.
Hack Cambridge
ARK is a GIGA sponsor of the hack Cambridge event , which is a highly interesting hackathon cum conference in the prestigious Cambridge university. It is expected that over 300 programmers, student hackers and designers will take part in the event from all around the globe. ARK will get valuable talents from this conference and add to its already highly talented team of experts and ultimately put blockchain technology into real life applications.
Some of the ARK team members that will attend the events include:
Kristjan Kosic – back-end ARK team developer
Alex Barnsley – full stack developer
Karel L.Kubat – ARK community developer
Ruud Seeger – ARK community developer
More About ARK
ARK develops practical solution for everyday use based on blockchain technology. The ARK team is continuously developing strategic alliances with industry leaders. ARK uses the ARK SmartBridge, to link existing blockchain tech into its ARK ecosystem and ultimately build an excellently robust platform that sustains a high level of user interaction.
The ARK Team
ARK is made up of various experts from different professions all around the world.The team will lead ARK to success.
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