Anonymous Website Begins Countdown For Satoshi Nakamoto’s ‘Unveiling’

This is how Anyone Can Easily Become Satoshi Nakamoto

Over the last decade, the main question among cryptocurrency enthusiasts has been who is Satoshi Nakamoto and where is he based.  Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to be the individual or group that developed Bitcoin and authored the Bitcoin White Paper.

Based on Satoshi’s anonymity, many groups and individuals have come out to claim that they can unearth one of the greatest mysteries in the cryptocurrency world. In some cases, individuals have claimed to be the real Nakamoto.

In a bid to reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, a new website has gone live claiming to unravel the mystery in less than 10 days from the time of writing this article. The website, has an active count down when the Bitcoin mastermind will be made public.

A quick visit on the website does not reveal any further information about who designed it alongside its purpose. The website calls on users to sign up with their emails addresses and wait for the live unveiling of Satoshi.

Based on previous false clues about Satoshi, the credibility of the website cannot be determined. Only time will tell.


Different theories have been fronted regarding the identity of Satoshi. According to a study by BitMEX, Satoshi has 700,000 Bitcoins. To this date, his Bitcoins have remained intact in his wallet sparking questions whether he is alive or dead.

If the real Satoshi emerges, it will put an end to pretenders who have attempted to take the role. For example, crypto investor Craig Wright has maintained that he is the true Satoshi Nakamoto. However, his narrative has some gaps due to lack of solid proof.

On the other hand, anti-virus software entrepreneur John McAfee is on record dismissing Craig’s version. The two have engaged in ugly spats regarding who knows the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

In April, McAfee tweeted that he had been protecting the identity of Satoshi. He promised to reveal him and put an end to imposters. McAfee stated that he would work hard to ensure Satoshi reveals himself.

However, McAfee failed to keep his promise by claiming that his attorney was against the idea of exposing Satoshi over immigration issues.

If is genuine we might see the real Satoshi in less than 10 days. In the event, the website is out to grab attention, then the cryptocurrency world will keep waiting.