All About The New Ukrainian Unicorn Weld Money And The WELD Token Sale

All About The New Ukrainian Unicorn Weld Money And The WELD Token Sale

What is Weld Money about?

Firstly, it’s the first cryptocurrency card service managed to sign agreements on the card-issuing with the CIS region’s banks and regulatory authorities.

Speaking more detailed, it’s an issuer of a fiat Visa card which can be easily connected to any crypto exchanges and wallets storing digital assets and make purchases online or via a POS terminal in any sale points all around the world. While paying via Google/Apple Pay, the bank releases the fiat transaction into an overdraft (interest-free loan), and Weld instantly transfers the amount needed for the purchase in cryptocurrency from the user’s balance to its corporate account on the same exchange. The innovative architecture doesn’t require pre-top up the card, and also allows avoiding high blockchain fees, due to free intra-exchange transfers. The balances of Twitch, Steam, TikTok and other digital assets will be available as a means of payment at the second stage of the Weld cards.

What is the project’s success at this stage?

1. For today, Weld Money was invested by 50 large investors, as well as VC from 23 countries: Concord Capital, Avalon Wealth Club, FAIRUM, Maximus Capital, Magnus Capital, AU21 Capital, AscendEX, HSVC, 7 hours capital.

There’s crazy hype around the project, created by the community on all communication platforms.

WELD token launch and sale were completed in a matter of minutes! 


The next investment round of $3,600,000 token sale was also successfully completed.

Weld IDO was held at four leading world platforms: ZENDIT, A2Dao, Hacken, and ANYPAD.

At the last stage, the IDO was closed in 4 minutes, indicating an incredible interest in the product.

 2. The idea caused a market resonance and after the public trading opening, the token soared from $0.075 to $0.65, while the market capitalization exceeded $170,000,000.

What are the Weld Money project’s next steps? The stage of lead investor determining

 Now the team is actively growing and hiring non-standard thinking employees who will be able to offer a completely new look at the financial market, plans to launch another investment round to move the project far beyond the CIS.

‘The Weld Money team gathered only funds, media & partners who can give something more than just money. Every WELD token major holder makes a huge contribution to the project and provides regional support for the rapid development of Weld Money all around the world. This non-standard approach to fundraising appeared incredibly effective in our case,’ Weld Money’s co-founder Irina Lorens said.

‘We are the stage of lead investor determining. Now there is an active discussion of the strategy and financial model with a potential partner. We plan to complete the negotiations and sign the related agreement by the end of this year,’ Weld Money’s co-founder Alexey Meretsky answers the question about further plans.

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WELD is a digital assents payment provider for the post-fiat epoch!