All About GADA Sale on KICK.IO

All About GADA Sale on KICK.IO

On April 20th, GADA, Cardano’s first permissionless and community-governed launchpad ecosystem, will hold a sale on KICK.IO!

GADA uses two launchpads – GADA Pro and GADA Light – to assist various projects in raising liquidity and distributing tokens in a stress-free manner.

While GADA Pro does impose KYC requirements, its in-depth screening and review procedure results in a more reliable and stable DeFi environment. This edition is ideal for projects that are farther along in their development.

The Light version allows anyone to fundraise projects on the Cardano blockchain with total automation and without having to go through KYC verification. Furthermore, with more independence, GADA Light users will be able to contribute to the platform’s future development.

GADA also employs a five-tier system that strives to establish an environment that is welcoming to all investors, large and small. While the first three GADA Tiers cater to smaller-scale token holders, the fourth and fifth tiers appeal to larger token holders by providing more allocation chances.


The $GADA token will be used to power the GADA ecosystem, primarily through the Tier Structure and the upcoming governance system.

Seed Round Sale

Check your calendars because the sale will only last four days. It will take place from April 20th to April 24th, 2022.

Public Round Details:

  • Price per GADA: $0.5
  • Launch date: April 20st 15:00 UTC
  • End date: April 24th 15:00 UTC
  • Minimal contribution: 50 USD
  • Maximum contribution: 5 000 USD
  • Vesting Period: 10% of the purchased amount will be released to the investor after the sale and then after that 22.5% each month