Cardano-based Apexaverse Debuts P2E Metaverse 3D Game

Cardano-based Apexaverse Debuts P2E Metaverse 3D Game

Apexaverse, a decentralized hub for blockchain gaming, DeFi, and NFTs based on the Cardano blockchain is providing an interactive 3D universe allowing users to explore different virtual worlds.

Apexaverse is reportedly one of the most efficient ways to bring together a game catalog with multiple P2E and PVP games, token with staking capabilities, launchpad, NFTs, and the 3D metaverse. Notably, games within the Apexaverse protocol are made internally, exist in the story universe, and form part of the ASK-based economy.

The Apexaverse team explains:

“We created Apexaverse in a way that will not only support the game catalog, launchpad, token with staking capabilities, and NFTs, but will entwine every aspect. It was our dream to create a project in which staking that you do personally can affect the history of the game world for everyone.”

The Apexaverse Metaverse is centered around P2E gaming. The development team realized that the games they were created required a whole crypto world to back them. The Apexaverse Metaverse seeks to significantly advance the play-to-earn multiplayer gameplay to offer gamers incredible features and incentives to make their time in the game valuable. Currently, Apexaverse has created a large community of over 25k followers.


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In addition, Apexaverse seeks to create a project in which staking capabilities will allow users to personally change the game’s history for everyone. Note in the soon-to-be-released PVP game, no number of tokens or NFTs will be able to save a player from a bad fighter. 

Notably, the Apexaverse game comes with numerous features which include customization, NFT assets, rewards, a marketplace for NFTs, opportunities for exploration, and community. The customized feature allows users to own more weapons, armor, or equipment. The feature also allows players to enhance their skills making their characters stronger.

Apexaverse NFT assets allow users to grow their passive income. Users can purchase virtual lands, and sell or trade items they find or create on the Apexaverse marketplace to earn additional income. Also, players can increase their incomes by completing their objectives such as missions, defeating others, and winning tournaments to receive rewards.  Users can earn more rewards by exploring Apexaverse magnificent terrain, various gameplay scenarios, and graphics. Players can use the NFT marketplace to buy, sell or auction items with other players to employ monetization, turning their time and skills into money generating opportunities.

The project is backed by its native token AXV which has a total supply of 10,000,000,000.  The token mainly serves as an in-game currency but serves many other utilities. Holders can use their $AXV as a medium of exchange, an early asset to rewards, staking, and governance.