Aimedis Woking To Better Healthcare With Blockchain

Aimedis Woking To Better Healthcare With Blockchain

Aimedis, a blockchain-based platform, is seeking to change healthcare systems using its platform.

Aimedis is working towards making eHealth secure, affordable, and accessible worldwide. The team behind the project came together to create a platform that will harness emerging technologies, blockchain, and Artificial intelligence (AI) to solve significant weaknesses in the health system recently outlined by COVID 19.

Aimedis will reportedly help patients quickly forward their data to other networks and participants across the national borders. In addition, the platform will also prevent illegal activities such as double billing for doctors and insurance scams. 

One thing to note with Aimedis is that patients will notably have control over whom and what data they wish to make available. 

The transactions by patients will be processed as a Non-fungible token (NFT), allowing patients to earn some financial value for sharing their data. In addition, others like the medical professions can also get financial value by selling research data as NFT. Transactions on the platform will be paid in both crypto or fiat currencies. Notably, it will be more advantageous for the users to use Aimedis’s native token (AIMx).


AIMx is a BEP-20 coin with a max supply of 600 million coins. Users can earn the tokens in various ways, including staking with a return of 12.5 % per annum, sailing of data through NFTs, and content creation. In addition, content creators will be tasked with providing content for the platform to help Aimedis’s reputation among participants. From the 600 million AIMx tokens, 135 million have already been allocated for sale for private investors and institutions as part of the IDO. 

Aimedis offers digital therapy and healthcare services, B2B business – medical & scientific data NFT marketplace, Hospital & rehab information system, an advertising platform for healthcare providers & pharma, IoT & tracker integration, Data platform for pharma and healthcare research, Insurance program hubs and Online pharmacy and shop. The platform also has A steadily growing medical ecosystem, Incentivized growing educational and social medical network, and eLearning & eTeaching. 

 In addition to patient empowerment, the platform will also promote hospitals and other medical institutions by providing its own IT system and associated online seminars.

While commenting on the project, Dr. med. Florian Zwecker, chief physician and medical amb, explained:

“Aimedis allows us to exchange data fast, safe and reliable between hospitals and practices and offers services the German health card has never managed to offer.”