OfficialNFT® is here for everyone

OfficialNFT® is here for everyone

The NFT ecosystem has specific challenges that threaten its adoption. The standard NFT marketplace focuses on virtual arts and memorabilia from big names and significant entertainment firms. The current NFT market disregards many other potential users. Plenty of opportunities exist in the ecosystem that is yet to be exploited. Luckily, OfficialNFT® has entered the NTF marketplace with solutions that will bring everybody on board.

OfficialNFT® is an NFT marketplace designed for everyone, including big brands, artists, and end retail buyers. The platform is built with inclusiveness in mind so that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the OfficialNFT® ecosystem.

Benefits for corporate brands

  • Fighting piracy and imitation: The platform allows brands and buyers of genuine products to mint NFTs by adding verifiable information to certify their claims. Further, if the buyers decide to resell the item in the future, they can prove to potential buyers that the product is authentic and that they are the rightful seller. The platform additionally enables brands to keep and incentivize resells by compensating all previous owners with a customizable commission framework. This feature encourages resellers to remain on-chain and offers certifiable authenticity for the resold items in the secondary market.
  • Recurring income: Brands will benefit from recurring income because of the platform’s reward system. The platform can offer smart contracts that reward all past owners with commissions. This rewarding model allows brands to earn a commission on the resale of their products.
  • Customized smart contract: Through the OfficialNFT® platform, brands can develop customizable smart contracts that meet their business needs. Such smart contracts have multiple attributes, like a multi-generational recurring royalty framework, purchase reveals compatible with online businesses, and NFTs linked to tangible products.
  • Brand marketing: Corporations can use OfficialNFT® to market their brands. Corporates using the NFT strategy in their storytelling will revolutionize how people perceive their brand. The rise of NFTs brings exciting new possibilities for brand marketers.

Benefits for artists/designers/minters

  • Wide range of tools: Through OfficialNFT®, creators can access a wide range of innovative tools that they can use to craft any NFTs they need.
  • No-code NFTs: Luckily, the marketplace is for artists at any level. So, both student artists and creative professionals can craft whatever NFTs they require on the platform.
  • Collaboration with brands: OfficialNFT® makes it possible for brands and artists to collaborate and mint NFTs, which they can easily list in the auction market.


$OFCL is the native utility token of the OfficialNFT® platform. The $OFCL token facilitates the buying, selling, and minting process for NFTs, and other goods and services offered by the OfficialNFT® platform. With $OFCL, everyone can participate in the OfficialNFT® ecosystem. $OFCL Token Pre-Sale is live now and limited to 1,500,000 tokens. The lowest discounted price that will be offered is live now until August 9th. Don’t miss out on owning a bit of the future. Visit: