After Over 10 Network Outages, Solana Proposes A Genius Solution To Solve Debacle

Crypto Researcher Reveals The 'Dangers of Solana' as Network Outages Persist
  • Solana’s outages will soon be a thing of the past as its team reveals plans to remedy the problem.
  • Firedancer, a scaling solution for Solana launched by Jump Crypto, has been touted as the genius alternative.
  • Users express delight on Twitter as a solution to the network’s headache could be on the horizon.

Solana has come under fire in recent weeks after it suffered another outage last month, preventing users from making transactions on the network. As the problem persists, users worry about the future of the blockchain.

Solana’s co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko has acknowledged that the outages are at the top of users’ concerns and assured the community of the effort of its team to find a lasting solution.

This has been the biggest challenge for us, and the number one priority,” Yakovenko told Decrypt.

The network has suffered several outages this year caused by bugs in the code or simply being overwhelmed by bots. While the former has been the major cause for concern as it does the most damage, the latter slows down the network, making transactions impossible for hours.

Yakovenko has touted Firedancer, a scaling solution developed by Jump Crypto in partnership with the Solana Foundation, as the “long-term fix” to the problem. The Proof-of-History (PoH) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) hybrid network already boast one of the fastest transaction times, but its recent debacle means an upgrade has to ensure efficiency.

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Firedancer will become the scaling solution of Solana in the coming months, making it more efficient in processing transactions. Yakovenko has expressed hopes that Jump Crypto will cure the outage problem, although they are still human but of a different team.

“Because it’s a separate team, the probability of them having the same bugs in their code as ours becomes virtually zero,” he added. 

Yakovenko further assured users that despite the frequent outages, user funds are not at risk because the network has 2,000 validators with 3,400 replicas to choose from should a major failure hit the blockchain.

Dive into Solana’s outages

Launched in 2020 to rival Ethereum, the network was hailed for its speed and low gas fees, but its frequent outages have been its curse. Solana has suffered major outages, with the most recent happening on Sept 30, as the network witnessed a degraded performance due to a misconfigured node causing a partition in the network.

Yakovenko has lamented that these outages are “the network’s curse”, pledging that all hands are on deck to resolve the issue. Another major outage of the network happened on Sept 2021, causing it to be inactive for almost 17 hours, days after hitting an all-time high. Since its launch, Solana has suffered over ten outages with varying degrees of severity.