80% Of HSK Tokens Sold In Private Sale As Hoskinsea Furthers Project Development

80% Of HSK Tokens Sold In Private Sale As Hoskinsea Furthers Project Development

The Hoskinsea marketplace is the largest NFT marketplace on the Cardano network, with all of the advanced characteristics of an NFT marketplace in situ, as well as some features borrowed from other blockchain networks. Hoskinsea intends to solve the Cardano NFT minting problem by allowing multiple minting access, unbounded NFT purchase orders, and many other features.

Early birds can participate in the ongoing HSK token private sale. Hoskinsea announced the debut of its native token HSK token, which will be used on the marketplace for various purposes.

Utilities for HSK Tokens

Acquire of NFTs – Token holders can purchase NFTs at a discounted rate from the Hoskinsea marketplace.

Transaction Costs – HSK tokens can be used to pay for NFT minting fees.

Governance & Voting – Holders of HSK tokens will be included in decision-making on matters that affect our ecosystem. As a result, only holders of our token will have the opportunity to vote on the critical decisions that will affect our ecosystem.

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It’s vital to remember that the number of votes you can cast and how active you are in the voting process are determined by the number of tokens you have.

Exclusive Privileges – Top HSK token holders will have exclusive access to limited-edition NFTs that will be available exclusively during the public mint.

Users will be able to purchase ad spots for their NFTs using HSK Token due to a large number of NFTs that will be on the platform.

Redistribution of Transaction Fees – Top holders will benefit from our platform by receiving a defined percentage of revenues from all HSK token-based transactions.

Verification and voting of creators – Users will always choose to buy or transact with verified creators on our site. As a result, creators who want to certify their platform will have to stake a certain quantity of HSK before applying for verification.

Stoking Platform – To earn extra tokens, HSK token holders can stake their tokens on our staking platform.

Users will be able to stake NFTs on our platform in exchange for rewards in limited/rare NFTs that may be traded on other NFT platforms.

How to Purchase HSK Tokens Via Private Sale

The HSK Private Sale is now open!! Early birds can purchase $HSK tokens during the Private Sale before the Exchange Listing by going to the $HSK Sale Page.

The allocation for the Private Sale is 10% (10,000,000) and will be available for purchase at a rate of 1 ADA for $HSK 200 tokens.

200 ADA is the minimum purchase amount.
The maximum amount you can buy is 20,000 ADA.