ADADemon: Extensive Views on the Metaverse Based P2E Game

ADADemon: Extensive Views on the Metaverse Based P2E Game

Plays to earn games have gained momentum in the online gaming and cryptocurrency community in the past years. The games create an opportunity for gamers to earn as they immerse themselves in their favorite plays.

ADA Demon is the newest addition to the ecosystem, and it aims to address some challenges faced in the P2E community and create a player-oriented platform. Some of the problems ADA Demon seeks to solve are the issue of transparency, and substandard games, among others that make P2E games boring.

ADA Demons’ utility token is known as $AGONY, and players use it to improve and commercialize their virtual worlds. The fungible token is the primary asset that enables gamers to evaluate the value of various games and can allow purchases and exchanges in its community.

The token has a three weeks vesting period, in which, after its expiration, they are disseminated to presale investors. The presale participants will stand a chance to receive double their token to appreciate their efforts.

ADA Demons’ goal is to establish an entirely dependent financial space powered by Decentralised Exchange (DEX). Its users and partners will also benefit from staking services, yield farming, and trading. Players will be able to access Demon DEX manually via mobile devices or a PC and virtually in-game.


The play-to-earn game will feature an integrated DeFi loan service. Its approach will be the same as the Demon DEX, as it will allow users to visit a virtual DeFi loan location where they will be required to conduct their transactions.

According to the ADA Demons site, its developers are determined to make their vision a reality. The innovation will propel the technology to a higher height in human advancement.

About ADADemon

It is a metaverse-based P2E game built on the Cardano blockchain. The in-depth P2E platform is Greek-themed, and the players assume the roles of estranged spirits in a mission to escape Greek hell and fight the monsters in the adventurous games. The game employs a customer-first approach to positively impact the players and necessitate the project’s growth. Even if you lose in the game, ADA Demon will compensate you accordingly. For more information, visit