70 Million TRX Already Won By Users On TronBet – Justin Sun Is Tweeting

70 Million TRX Already Won By Users On TronBet – Justin Sun Is Tweeting

The news of Justin Sun’s Tron Foundation launching a gaming platform came as kind of a surprise to some people, but we all know just how dynamic the streets of the crypto space are these days.
TRONbet is a blockchain-based DApp that was launched by the Tron Foundation just a few days ago. So far, the platform has made quite a few people lose their breath as it registered a cool 10,000 plays on its first day live.
TRONbet – How It Works
However, it’s fair to note that TRONBET isn’t really the only DApp on the Tron Network. There are other numerous products. Tron has a policy of close co-operation with developers and programmers who wish to create some cool stuff on its platform.
When you wish to play TRONbet, you first get on TRONlink, a wallet dedicated for TRX. Next, you enter a number and your betting amount. The system runs a check on whether your choice number falls over or below the target prize number. If it falls below, you win some payout. As simple as that. Someone has already bagged a cool $130 in TRX payout.
Just like most other digital platforms, TRONbet has faced its fair share of troubles, and that includes issues with operational transparency and security. However, owing to their vast experience in the gaming industry, the developers have managed to solve these issues and make TRONbet a hit among both gamers and crypto enthusiasts.
The news of TRONbet’s successful launching comes just a few days after another game, named Magic Academy, debuted into the industry. More news indicates that Magic Academy is set to be integrated into the TRON Testnet to enable users to trade their Wizard virtual characters. That sounds fun. With such positive events happening around TRX, it’s easy to understand why the crypto is now listed as the 11th largest crypto by market cap- according to Coinbase.
Justin Tweets About It
Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, took to twitter to announce the huge milestone already achieved by TRONbet. Apparently, about $70 million TRX tokens have already been won by gamers since the platform went live merely a few days ago. That’s indicates quite some activity happening on the TRON network and gives more innovative developers some good incentive to keep working and cranking out cool DApps on the platform.
When Justin sent out the tweet, users came out in droves to further the thread with their own comments about their experience and opinions about TRONbet. As such, the DApp seems well set to keep soaring. It could even affect TRX’s market value and make the bulls charge.