ZkTube Partners With Mo Works to Expand Global Outreach

ZkTube Partners With Mo Works to Expand Global Outreach

ZkTube, a scaling solution built to offer safety, low gas fees, and optimal zero-knowledge proof mining, has announced a new partnership with Mo Works in a recent report, following a global expansion plan.

Mo Works is a Melbourne-based leading digital solution provider. Its collaboration with ZkTube happened after the company appointed Mo Works founder and director, Mo Hamdouna as their global marketing advisor.

Mo Works Backs ZkTube on Its Adventure For a Global Expansion

ZkTube seeks to scale and support blockchain transaction capacity and project while retaining the Defi performances of a distributed protocol. It is basically aimed at promoting the global market.

Following the partnership, Mo Works has agreed to bring its exclusive experience in the cryptocurrency industry to help kick the global growth of zkTube in an accelerating mode.

Considering the functionality of the partnering companies, the collaboration will cause an integration between both communities as Mo Works will begin to provide support for ZkTube’s launch of strategic community engagement programs. Thereby, enriching and exploring the performances of both companies all around the globe.


Mo Hamdouna expressed excitements on his new appointment saying; 

“zkTube has a sophisticated, intelligent, and experienced team who will be disrupting the blockchain payment network industry with a technology solution that offers excellent safety, low gas fee, and optimal POS mining. I am very happy to work with their team on their project and look forward to a great year launching their solution.”

ZkTube’s aim to join efforts with Mo Works to raise a global community that will fully facilitate ZkTube’s marketing strategy and expansion plans towards the global launch is becoming a reality.

The founder of ZkTube affirmed this saying;

“the strategic partnership of Mo Works and zkTube will be instrumental in the overall development of the global marketing. But, more importantly, with Mo Works, our partnership will allow us to widen our community globally.”