Zignaly: Crypto Signals For Seamless Crypto Trading

Zignaly: Crypto Signals For Seamless Crypto Trading

The crypto market is diverse. With thousands of different forms of digital assets available for trading, it is challenging for new investors to isolate the most viable options to focus on. Besides, the industry incredibly volatile, an aspect that makes it even more complicated, particularly for novice forex traders lacking the necessary skills and experience.

Using accurate, reliable crypto signals is a convenient approach to building a strategy and probably capitalize on the ever-changing cryptocurrency market. Additionally, the ability to automate part of your trading activities based on such accurate signals can bring a significant difference. This is where Zignaly, a combination of a crypto trading bot and a trading terminal, comes in.

What makes it unique?

Simply put, Zignaly is a trading terminal featuring crypto trading bots that let users automate trades with the help of reliable signals. The platform is easy to use, and it presents a perfect chance for individuals intending to make a significant amount of passive income. It lets you connect with a trading account and use it with your desired indicators. You can also use it to set up a robust trading strategy at once.

Main features

The platform comes with different features, and all are intended to offer a better trading experience. These features include;

Crypto signals: Zignaly lets users manage all buy and sell signals from external and highly integrated signal service providers. The platform has 41 different signal providers such as Crypto Base Scanner, Mining Hamster Signals, Intelligent Trading Foundation, Palm Beach Signals, Entrix Signals, and more.


Unlimited coins: Zignaly users aren’t limited a specific level of pre-chosen coins to trade with. This platform accepts different pairs from any of the enable signal provider to allow users to capitalize on all of them.

Trailing stop loss: The tools lets users capture the maximum value of their positions and mitigate potential losses. While not all platforms offer crypto traders this option, Zignaly offers this trailing stop losses.

Secure: Zignaly is a platform that has always been trading directly on the exchange aspect. The users’ cryptocurrency is stored on the exchange, and this prevents the need for withdrawal.

TradingView Bot: It allows users to send their own signals from TradingView using various indicators.

Trading with Zignaly

The platform supports TradingView account and the possibility of using those indicators. The TradingView Bot lets users send their own signals from the platform with the Crypto Signal Finder indicators or recommendations. You can also use the trading signal available on Zignaly. It allows you to open various positions with your trading strategy manually. It is recommended to create a strategy rather than directly setting the take profit.

With the platform’s trading terminal, users can set up their full strategy without any limitations. Besides, the terminals comes with high-end features including the ability to split profit goals, check results for individual positions, trailing stop various orders that appear to combine, and more.


Zignaly presents crypto traders with an opportunity for a cohesive trading experience, particularly for individuals who don’t have many hours to spend analyzing charts or even lack technical analysis skills and experience. The platform of friendly even for both experienced and novice traders when it comes to the creation and automation of a trading strategy.

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