ZeroSwap Launches Multichain Compatible Aggregator ZeeDEX With Gasless Swaps And Zero Fees

ZeroSwap Launches Multichain Compatible Aggregator ZeeDEX With Gasless Swaps And Zero Fees

Leading provider of the multichain compatible product suite, ZeroSwap Labs today launched ZeeDEX. ZeeDEX is a multichain compatible aggregator that is designed to facilitate gasless transactions with no fees. This is to solve the major problems of fees and gas such as Ethereum faces currently.

Launched on the BSC Mainnet, ZeeDEX offers a seamless user experience with a leading network. BSC has one of the largest daily transaction volumes in the DeFi ecosystem. Currently at over 14 million transactions a day, it also provides a good opportunity for ZeeDEX users to enjoy high liquidity and security with its audited smart contract.

As it facilitates cross-chain transactions, ZeeDEX users can now carry out transactions between chains at absolutely no cost. In addition, companies can now have access to ZeeDO, the IDO platform. They will also have access to a wider audience at no extra cost and without any extra effort on their side.

Users will also benefit by accessing premium IDO deals in addition to gasless transactions on ZeeDEX, with more incentives to come according to the company. Co-Founder and CEO at ZeroSwap, Chandrashekar Ramu speaking on the launch said:

We are glad to launch a platform that will add significant value to on-chain swaps, launching on Binance Smart Chain is the first but a progressive step towards building gasless swaps, and making the experience of trading near to a centralised platform.”


According to Ramu, this launch is just the beginning of innovations and the company plans to expand into liquidity mining in the future. This will make ZeroSwap an in-house DEX platform with more integrations, multichain farming, and governance protocol among others.

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