Foxtopia: An NFT Gaming Platform That Brings Back Fun To Gaming

Foxtopia: An NFT Gaming Platform That Brings Back Fun To Gaming

The launch of NFTs has marked a paradigm shift in the way gamers interact. Now, gamers have a chance to truly own digital assets in the same way that individuals may own physical property. This has created a whole new meta-verse where gamers can actually own assets, trade them and earn income from them just as one would in real life.

The launch of NFTs has resulted in many gaming platforms being created. However, most of these games have placed so much emphasis on the NFT minting and trading aspect of the game, removing fun from these games. Most of these games have been reduced to mundane tasks that gamers have to engage in the name of fun-sucking out the thrill and excitement associated with games. Minting NFTs should not be boring. This can be done differently. We propose the Foxtopia game.

Foxtopia is a game created in a land where Utopia existed. In this land, there were five clans living peacefully and harmoniously. Each clan had its own unique strength and skills.

They were ruled by mythical nine-tailed foxes. The real identity of these rulers wasn’t known. They had the ability to change shape. Only once in 100 years did they appear to take the form of a pink moon.

Everything was going on well in this kingdom until one day an evil nine-tailed fox took the reigns. He planted discord and greed. What was once a peaceful Foxtopia ended up being permeated by a hunger for power, war, and greed.


Now the kingdom needs a warrior who will guide other companions in reclaiming back the lost glory of the kingdom. The kingdom needs you.

The platform has created a limited number of NFT collections that will be sold to the market from December 2021 and later sold in the secondary market. Purchasing these NFTs will entitle owners to take part in presale events in minting future NFTs, staking them, and also get rewards in the form of Foxie tokens. Token holders will also be eligible for Foxtopia and Companion airdrops. Holders of these NFTs will participate in events where they get a chance to win more prizes.

Foxie token holders will also be able to vote on the direction of the platform and suggest new products that can be launched on the platform.

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