Zebi Blockchain and Big Data Firm Announce Mainnet Launch and New Products for 2019

Zebi Blockchain and Big Data Firm Announce Mainnet Launch and New Products for 2019

Leading Indian distributed ledger technology and BigData firm, Zebi provides decentralized products to enable users to protect personal and commercial data. The Mainnet launch and Zebi payment system are expected to go live in Q3 2019.

Following a hitch-free ICO in 2018, Zebi deployed its multi-level blockchain ecosystem across several industries.

Established with the sole aim of building global trust through blockchain, Zebi is focused on creating and strengthening important business relationships. Zebi has implemented its technology on a global scale, changing the lives of millions of people and providing them with transparent data-storage and audit.

Zebi offers users high-level blockchain-based security solutions to protect their personal and commercial data.

The government of India has been quite supportive of blockchain tech, due to its many properties, including immutability and transparency.

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Zebi Products

Zebi Asset Chain – provide users with peace of mind, while enhancing trust in the titles issued by the government.

Zebi Edu Chain: Helps higher institutions to protect their image, while also fostering efficiency in corporates during credential validation.

Zebi AI Chain – Enables law enforcement agents to enforce compliance of the law and hotels to operate in line with regulation. It also ensures the safety of guests.

That’s not all, Zebi has other excellent products like Tele Chain for the telecoms industry, Log Chain for logistics and Fin Chain for the stock trade advisory.

At current, Zebi has customers spread across several sectors of the global economy including finance, hospitality, and others.

Zebi Coin (ZCO)

Zebi Coin (ZCO) is the native altcoin of the Zebi ecosystem. It offers incentives to users, for settlement of transactions. A little amount of ZCO is paid by the requestor for data transaction and it’s shared between the data provider and Zebi platform as a reward.

The Zebi reward system is powered by smart contracts. TheZCO coin is currently available on several exchanges including Biker, Latoken, Liquid, Hotbit, OKEx, and others.

Zebi Mainnet

The Zebi main network will go live in August 2019 and the Zebi Pay launch will enable Zebi to expand to other jurisdictions. Zebi pay will facilitate secure data exchange on the platform, supporting both fiat and crypto transactions including Euro, INR, USD, BTC, and ETH.

“Currently, more than 2 million users are benefitted from Zebi deployments. We currently cover 35 universities spanning 700+ colleges and 1 million students,” said Sudheer Kuppam, CEO and co-founder of Zebi.


At current, Zebi is open to new partnerships and inquiries can be sent to info@zebi.co.

Whitepaper: https://t.me/ZebiData

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZebidataIndia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZebidataIndia/

Email: nitash.juyal@zebi.co