YIELDEX, The Latest DeFi Product Under TEN Finance

YIELDEX, The Latest DeFi Product Under TEN Finance

YIELDEX is a product that combines yield farming and crypto indexing, intending to provide users with the best yield farming opportunities available.

Singapore, November 26, 2021– YIELDEX, which was launched on October 10, aims to redefine the yield farming landscape by addressing impermanent loss, which is commonly associated with yield farming, and liquidity pools. YIELDEX is part of TEN Finance’s primary goal of lowering the barrier to entry into DeFi to increase user adoption and completely replace traditional finance. 

YIELDEX would also increase the yield farming portfolio diversification rate for users by providing a much better alternative to the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of manually investing in and out of pools. Aside from yield, YIELDEX offers additional incentives in the form of $TENFI tokens, TEN Finance’s native token. 

With a single click, YIELDEX allows investors to place their assets in multiple liquidity pools, automating yield farming processes and lowering the risk of impermanent loss. Yield farming is a DeFi incentive-based model in which investors deposit their digital assets in a liquidity pool to earn rewards. YIELDEX is a BSC (Binance Smart Chain) ecosystem-based exchange that serves the majority of BSC yield farms. 

Users can invest in multiple LPs through YIELDEX, with each YIELDEX having its subset of “type” of LPs as constituents, such as stablecoins like BUSD and premium tokens like BTC and BNB. The first set of YIELDEX vaults would be based on PancakeSwap LPs, with Biswap and ApeSwap versions following shortly after PancakeSwap’s launch. Another intriguing aspect of YIELDEX is that it provides additional benefits to TENFI holders because each YIELDEX contains a TENFI LP. This generates natural demand for TEN Finance’s native token, $TENFI, further solidifying the TENFI ecosystem and increasing the stability of the native token.


Indexing and organizing various tokens are quickly becoming a DeFi trend, and YIELDEX is the first index to focus on simple access to liquidity pools, indicating TEN Finance’s level of innovation. Mr. Ten, the face of Ten Finance, was asked about the reason for YIELDEX during the launch and said, “I think YIELDEX allows for the simplicity of the yield farming process.” This is based on my previous experience with yield farming on Sushiswap and Uniswap, which I despised!’ 

YIELDEX also charges a minimal 1 percent fee on deposits and no fees on withdrawals. The $1 deposit fee would be split 80/20, with TEN Lots receiving 80 percent and TEN Finance receiving the remaining 20 percent. TEN Lots revenue is then distributed to TEN Lots holders. TEN Lots are claimed when users have a minimum amount of TENFI staked at one of the pools TEN Finance offers. TEN Finance is a community-focused platform committed to decentralization and hopes to provide additional benefits and incentives to users.

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