XT.COM Announces Listing of Agrinode’s AGN in its Main and Web3 Zones

XT.COM Announces Listing of Agrinode’s AGN in its Main and Web3 Zones

XT.COM, the world’s first leading socially infused trading platform, is elated to announce the listing of AGN in the Main and Web3 Zones.

As per the announcement, XT.COM partnered with Agrinode to list AGN, an ERC-20 token, and the native token within the Agrinode ecosystem. Following the listing, AGN/ETH and AGN/USDT trading pairs were opened for trading on December 26 2022, at 8:00 UTC. This listing further grows the trading options of users within the XT.COM community. The trading, deposit, and withdrawal options will be available live and colored for both AGN and XT holders.

Agrinode is a blockchain-based agriculture platform that seeks to provide supply chain and business solutions to challenges in the current traditional agriculture industry. Since its launch, Agrnode has been helping farmers access proper banking services or financial support. For instance, through the project, farmers no longer have to go through excess waiting periods before getting their loans approved. The project has also eliminated the need for intermediaries allowing farmers full access to their customers. This solves payment delay issues, allowing farmers to control their finances better.

Notably, by allowing farmers and customers to track farm produces, Agrinode makes it easier to trace any potential food contamination facilitating quick recall and minimizing overall delays. The project aims to ultimately help prevent food fraud, help with waste management and prevent false labelling.

Deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, AGN has a total supply of 3,690,000,000 tokens. AGN was created to provide an efficient supply chain within the agriculture ecosystem. The token is designed to allow all farmers (both in developed and developing countries) to sell their products at fair prices directly to the end consumers.  AGN aims to help these farmers expand their financial options without their liquidity being tied up by middlemen in traditional supply chains. 

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A monthly subscription to farm produce using the AGN tokens gives customers full transparency on the movements of their farm products within the supply chain. Customers can check where the products were produced, where they are, and how they are being transported. In addition, AGN tokens act as agricultural crop insurance for farmers. AGN helps farmers who need financial coverage, especially those finding it difficult to receive coverage from traditional banking services.