XSwap Token Debuts on P2PB2B

XSwap Token Debuts on P2PB2B

The exchange at the heart of XSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM). According to statistics, this is the most popular AMM on the XDC chain and the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) for XRC20 tokens ever! Customers can exchange and earn within safe pools. XSWAP is to Xinfin what UniSwap is to Ethereum (ETH) and PancakeSwap is to Binance (BNB) (XDC).

Its goal is to allow new projects on the XDC (XinFin) network to reach the market directly while still in development, connect all XRC20 tokens on the project’s platform, allow swappers to exchange and earn from the XSP Ecosystem, and establish XDC dApps across all platforms.

What distinguishes it?

XSwap Exchange has a number of decentralized trading capabilities, including:

Users do not have to go via a centralized exchange to swap or trade with XSwap. Every transaction is routed straight to your own XDC wallet, so you don’t have to trust anyone else with your coins.

Liquidity Pools: You can only swap tokens with XSwap if they have enough liquidity. If no liquidity has been added to your token or tokens, swapping them will be difficult, expensive, or impossible.


Yield Farming: By locking their LP tokens into smart contracts, users that supply liquidity can earn XSP rewards. You reduce the danger of temporary loss by locking up your liquidity.

XSP, XSwap’s native coin, is used for payments, farming, voting, and staking across the blockchain. And the P2PB2B market will shortly make it available for trading. You can join their community if you’re interested in this project:

▪️ Website: xspswap.finance/ 

▪️ Telegram: t.me/real_XSwapProtocol 

▪️ Twitter: twitter.com/XSwapProtocol