XRP Price Prediction: Ripple’s XRP to keep the Bullish Dice Rolling in Coming Weeks

The Crypto Market is Massively Bullish as XRP Could Trigger a Bull Run before the End Of the Year

XRP, which holds the third position on the top cryptocurrency list, has bulls come to life again and is poised for an increasingly sharp growth for the next coming weeks by keeping this bullish dominance.

According to analysts, it seems the bears might have neglected the coin because of its recent steady price rise. Explicitly, while other cryptocurrencies stay stagnant, Ripple’s XRP Seems to be kicking forward. XRP stood strong and maintained stability in the middle of other trailing coins including bitcoin. XRP price is currently holding gains above 6% as its assets are trading considerably higher when contrasted to its week opening position.

What’s aiding XRP price rally?

Although ripple emerged as the best solution for fast and cost-effective cross-border payments, some experts such as Bitspark head George Harrap feels bitcoin better and is more prevalent among companies. However, some analysts have viewed Ripple’s recent success as a result of how the firm promotes itself.

Seeing a technical correlation factor, XRP runs on its own market trend. The bull run seems to give XRP the momentum to at least revisit the high price of 2019 so far at $0.48 and to my view it seems possible to break the barrier to a $0.5 price for XRP. Some experts have asserted that this current level backed by the technical factors shows XRP is not at the highest level and as XRP doesn’t go by the general market trend, the coin can move up to $0.5 in the next 24 hours.



XRP is currently priced at about $0.45 and has a market cap Of $19 billion. The digital currency will definitely pick up the pace in the coming weeks, it wouldn’t be so surprising if the coin surpasses the $0.52 price level before summer. In general, everyone should expect Ripple’s XRP to keep the bull dice rolling.

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