XRI Token Listed on LBank — Popular TV star Ayaka Sayama Becomes Ambassador

XRI Token Listed on LBank — Popular TV star Ayaka Sayama Becomes Ambassador

What is XRI?

XRI is a distributed infrastructure XRoad platform.

The XRoad platform aims to provide a variety of financial services, including DeFi and DAO, in the metaverse space.

Ultimately, the combination of cutting-edge technologies such as Oracle, scoring, and DAO is designed to replicate all real-world business models in virtual space, delivering unprecedented services and products.

Specifically, we are planning to provide digital NFTs such as towns, independent shopping malls, and E-sports stadiums within metaverse, and will eventually link the real world with the virtual world to provide a variety of profit models.

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What is LBank?

LBank is a cryptocurrency exchange established in 2016, based in Hong Kong.

LBank recorded 32.6 billion yen in volume (around 24 hours) on January 31, 2019, ranking 14th in the world in trading volume.

LBank also has more than 100 cryptocurrencies listed, with more than 300 currency pairs. It also operates globally and supports 5 languages ; English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese.

Compared to cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, there are many currencies that can be traded, so it is a good point to be able to increase investment opportunities.

Wide selection of rare brands

LBank is characterized by handling original tokens issued by other exchanges.

For example, you can also purchase Binance coins and Huobi Tokens from LBank.

In addition, the cryptocurrency listed is limited to minor brands, so it is highly praised for its good selection of brands that are difficult to find not only in Japan but also abroad.

XRI has hired Ayaka Sayama, a popular TV star who has appeared in many dramas, as a global ambassador of XRI.

Ayaka Sayama is mainly an actress and model, and is also active in variety shows.

Her hobbies are marathons, yoga, triathlon, kickboxing, and going to the gym.

She completed the Honolulu Triathlon in 2017. Also, she obtained a certificate as a Japanese sake sommelier. She is a very versatile entertainer.