WinWinCoins Presale Continues as PancakeSwap Listing Date Draws Nearer

WinWinCoins Presale Continues as PancakeSwap Listing Date Draws Nearer

The presale of WinWinCoins Tokens ($2WC) continues to attract crypto traders everywhere. The event started on March 25 and has a deadline of June 21. However, it might end sooner if it reaches its 16,000 BNB hard cap. As soon as the presale ends, the coin will go live on PancakeSwap. So, the race is on for many to get into it while there’s still time.

The WinWinCoins Presale in a Nutshell

The WinWinCoins team announced the start of its 1st development phase earlier this year with the deployment of its $2WC token. During this period, early investors can buy the token valued at 0.0001$ as long as they make a minimum purchase of 0.16 BNB.

The platform puts 40 billion $2WC tokens up for presale between March and June. The amount represents 15% of the total supply of 100,000,000,000 tokens. Furthermore, the team set the event’s soft cap at 7,000 BNB and the hard cap at 16,000 $BNB.

WinWinCoins will impose a 1-year token lockup via its smart contracts and 25% of the allocated coins. Here are more details regarding this feature:

●        No lockup for amounts smaller than $10,000


●        A 3-month lock-up plan for amounts between $10,000 and $25,000

●        Another 6-month lock-up plan for amounts between $25,000 and $50,000

●        A 9-month lock-up plan for amounts between $50,000 and $100,000

●        The one-year lockup plan for amounts between $100,000 and $250,000

Once the token goes live on PancakeSwap, the platform will activate an anti-whale mechanism preventing any holder from selling more than 50 million $2WC tokens. This way, it will prevent whale investors from taking control over the token and dictating its price trajectory. As of April 2022, WinWinCoins had sold over 6 million tokens.

About WinWinCoins $2WC

WinWinCoins is a unique AI robot trading solution that makes crypto trading more accessible to newbie traders. Its goal is to support mainstream crypto adoption by making it easier for new investors to enter the sector. To this end, it employs advanced trading specialists who can import their trading robots on the platform.

Inexperienced investors can select a robot, open a position, and allocate funds. The platform will show the performance score and risk evaluation of each robot. This way, users will be able to make an informed decision before incorporating this tool into their trading strategies.

WinWinCoins will take 9% of every successful $2WC transaction, which it will distribute like this:

 Performance pool – 3%

●        Liquidity pool – 3%

●        Redistribution among all holders – 2%

●        Burn – 1%

Additionally, the platform will redistribute performance funds while prioritizing the investors, as follows:

●        Investor – 75%

●        Robot Owner – 15%

●        Performance Pool – 5%

●        Charity – 5%

WinWinCoins aims to become the go-to platform for crypto trading for both experts and newbies. The project uses innovative technologies, AI, and advanced practices in UX and automation to provide efficient trading tools for everyone.