​​MetaverseME and the real metaverse-self. It’s ME!

​​MetaverseME and the real metaverse-self. It's ME!

MetaverseME has already embraced the growing interest in metaverse development, and the team is building a platform and marketplace supported by a mobile app and games.

MetaverseME is developing a network of products and solutions to allow users to build their online identity beyond the digital self and towards the metaverse self. Thus, their identity will transcend and ideally become interoperable across every decentralized network. That’s the plan! And it has already set up the first development pillars for engaging in a new social metaverse.

Metaverse and ME!

The idea of a digitized identity is becoming more prominent as digitization is cornering every inch of our social interaction. Blockchain and the introduction of NFTs have generated a rush to digital immersion. Yet, most metaverses are either off-chain or are developed as network agnostic networks, which don’t offer any (transferable) benefits in creating a digital self.

While developing a metaverse self is a first step towards creating increased expectations, MetaverseME is developing more use cases to provide a complete social and gamified experience.

MetaverseME is expanding the development of its avatars, representing the digital self, to also account for users’ uniqueness. Its creation process begins with the customization of the avatars through the users’ own images.


Creating such a physical world-derived avatar pays dividends as users can better identify with their “creation.” And the project has also integrated layers that can link real-world items to metaverse traded NFTs such as apparel, which reinforces one’s identity. 

You’re “ME” in the Metaverse

MetaverseME is building the foundation for an entire ecosystem that allows users to interact similarly to the real world. Users can share their digital selves via Social Media, using AR (augmented reality) app features to project the avatar into real life and take snapshots or create unique video content. This representation of their digital self (their ME!) in Social Media allows user-to-user interactions and brings the “social” back to Social Media.

And, for everyone who is into fashion, MetaverseME allows users to dress their avatars with their favorite digital fashion NFTs. It’s an extraordinary and compelling way to show your NFTs to the world and create a real utility model for the NFT market.   

The MetaverseME NFT marketplace lets users buy, sell, and trade fashion items, and more, that add a statute level for everyone in the metaverse.

In its pre-development phase, and under the project name eBallR Games, MetaverseME already secured groundbreaking partnerships with established brands including  Atari, which produced NFT designs with The Fabricant and RTFKT Studios. The partnerships serve to create unique products that build into MetaverseME’s notion of offering avatars the idea of uniqueness, similar to the real world.

Assets created in the metaverse are NFTs that hold value across the network and remain valuable within the global ecosystem. Thus, NFTs created using the Atari IP from The Fabricant x RTFKT become collectible items with in-metaverse utility. They’re made for ME!

MetaverseME partnerships don’t stop here, and it’s already in the pre-design phase for a new collection for your ME! as it has partnered with fashion designers to create an exclusive new digital-only collection. 

What Happens Next?

The utopian futuristic metaverse will play out through social interactions as well as your avatar’s attire. MetaverseME allows users to become part of its ecosystem and participate in an expanding futuristic culture.  

The MetaverseME app for IOS and Android is one part of the ecosystem and is expected to be available in a closed beta test version for a limited audience in Q2 2022.  

At the same time, the team is also building KickOff Evolution, a 5-a-side multiplayer football (soccer) game. It doesn’t come as a surprise that your avatar, built in the app, along with its “identity,” will be available to play within the game, enabling a multiverse evolution. In KickOff Evolution, players can play real matches against real people whilst forming real teams, and interact with avatars on avatars, using the upcoming Atari-inspired kits or any other compatible NFTs to incentivize using NFTs across multiple spaces.

And according to plan, KickOff Evolution won’t be the only game to enable avatars and digital fashion NFTs.

MetaverseME is not stopping here!

It’s expanding the brand, development, and technology partnerships to ensure the metaverse experience goes beyond what’s currently becoming market-ready – a metaverse self that projects an enhanced version of our digital and real self attainable with personalized assets conveying uniqueness and personality for the user.

Your MetaverseME will soon be dressed to impress for the metaverse and will be fitted with fashion items, new dance moves, and even exciting and recognizable emotes.