Why Hexgo will be the #1 Blue Chip Utility NFT

Why Hexgo will be the #1 Blue Chip Utility NFT

A blue-chip NFT is a non-fungible token; given that NFT isn’t going away anytime soon, we believe it is worth looking into. Conversely, it is projected to continue to rise and appreciate. What makes a blue-chip NFT tick are- A trusted brand name, a favorable reputation of the developer and crew, their past success, market rate, acceptability in the community, and overall readiness to evolve.

Essentially, blue-chip NFTs are projects that have the potential to provide long-term investment returns. If you invest in these NFTs, you’ve assured a substantial return on their resale. Founded by a team of reputable and highly experienced developers, Hexgo is gathering a loyal market base, grooming itself to become the number one utility NFT.

Hexgo is a private and exclusive collection of 10,000 NFT cards created on the Ethereum blockchain powered by the industry-leading ERC-721 token. Hexgo is the first and only NFT project to award members in a registered NFT giveaway contest 50% of all sales royalties. Members of the Hexgo NFT membership and rewards card gain exclusive access to the Hexgo vault, heavy-duty utilities, and spectacular incentives, resulting in a profitable return on Hexgo NFT investment.

Hexgo has also built a market reputation as the first NFT project to address all of the industry’s problems, such as scams, rug pulls, and pump and dumps. Keep in mind that, just like cryptocurrencies, the NFT market is unregulated. This loophole, therefore, makes naive traders vulnerable. OpenSea, NFT Ponzi schemes, and NFT art finance scams, among other forms of fraud, are some of the most common NFTs scams. Fortunately, the Hexgo team has gotten in front of the situation, giving you the much-needed confidence to explore their NFT collections.

A cutting-edge NFT project with the potential to scale into the future of crypto and the metaverse, the Hexgo NFT is designed for continuous use and durability. This feat indicates that it is the market’s most versatile NFT. In addition, Hexgo vault cards and business models were designed to never go out of style or be copied. It’s the first of its kind, ready to take the NFT business to the next level.


The greatest challenge of most NFTs was building a trusted NFT brand and providing practical utility to members. The team’s research revealed that over 95% of NFT efforts fail due to insufficient market analysis and knowledge that something better can be created. To overcome this, the Hexgo team addressed all of the industry’s concerns and even possible issues that may subsequently manifest. After many months of analysis of NFT data, Hexgo created the perfect NFT project ready to disrupt the NFT industry.

Mike Fraleigh’s Hexgo NFT team’s mission remains clear- to provide you with a trusted and reliable means to invest in the NFTs space. The goal is to continually develop and become the leading blue-chip NFT project that offers you the best returns on your investment.