Why Binance Has No Physical Headquarters, And Other Issues — Yi He, Binance Co-Founder Speaks

Binance Announces Immediate Restriction On Derivatives Trading In Hong Kong In Shift To ‘Proactive Compliance’

Yi He, the delectable co-founder of Binance spoke last week in an interview with Business Insider on the growing challenges plaguing the world’s largest crypto exchange, its journey to dominance over the last five years, gender inequality in crypto, and the hunt for a suitable host country for its headquarters.

He, who doubles as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), took time to highlight the plans for the company and her vision to make Binance the pioneer leader in reducing the gender gap by getting onboard as many women as possible into the cryptocurrency industry. As a mirror of the global tech industry, crypto and blockchain technology continue to show a widening disparity between female and male representation in the workspace. 

Here in the UK, 25-year-old Mahila Abidi is a female digital artist driving the change in the crypto space. With the campaign of Women Rise, set to launch, Abidi is looking to raise a coalition of over 100,000 women actively piloting key positions within the space.

Yi He hopes for a workplace suitably adapted to the unique strengths and needs of women. 

A New HQ

Despite being overtly committed to remaining a remote work company, Changpeng Zhao’s company has now strongly begun to consider setting up a headquarters for itself. Yi He attests to the fact that such pressure has stemmed from the series of regulatory blows and operational conditions demanded by a few countries where it operates in Europe, America, and Asia.


Yi He disclosed that the company is taking its time to find a suitable country with a friendly and relatively stable crypto terrain. She disclosed that they have five countries in mind and are hoping to narrow down their choice over the coming months.

On Binance Dominance

Yi He was quick to remark that part of the success of the company has been its uptight internal policies.

“We have been setting up self-regulation,” He said in response to specific internal policies “such as no insider trading, and [we] have been protecting users from scammers. We are fighting this.” 

There is over 165 million Binance Coin in circulation, with a unit value of $643 making it the third most valuable coin in the market. Yi He says she owns only BNB having sold all her BTC and ETH. When asked about her thoughts on meme coins, She remarked that it’s all about the fear of losing out and ” [she] doesn’t think it’s a long term situation.”