WeSendit Is Positioning Itself As The Swiss Web3 Solution For Data Protection

WeSendit Is Positioning Itself As The Swiss Web3 Solution For Data Protection

WeSendit, a well-known file transfer company, is planning to leap into the world of Web3 with its upcoming WeSendit 3.0 launch.

According to the WeSendit team, the WeSendit 3.0 MVP is getting closer as they seek to reach new heights in 2023. WeSendit 3.0 will reportedly aggregate the world’s leading Web3 storage providers to become the first gateway to the world of decentralized networks.

As the data transfer market continues to experience significant growth and shift, WeSendit believes it is time to create a Web3 solution for experts and the general public. WeSendit 3.0 will be supported by a $WSI token, harnessing the power of blockchain to offer WeSendit users next-generation Web3 solutions.

WeSendit’s move into the Web3 space will have two elements: the WSI token and the WeSendit platform. This update will bring numerous advantages, including privacy protection, data security, GEO-redundant storage, simple data management, backup and restoration. The WeSendit community will also enjoy pay-as-you-go services, branding channels, paid downloads, file management and Ads manager.

As an aggregator, the updates will allow the company to offer its users a wide range of file transfer and storage options that will be easier, safer, and more flexible. WeSendit will provide interfaces that show on-chain data allowing users to interact with smart contracts from various platforms such as Storj or Filecoin.

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The $WSI token (WeSendit token) is a utility token based on Binance Blockchain. The token will serve at the core of WeSendit 3.0, offering users a wide range of advantages and functions. $WSI holders will enjoy lower and simplified fee structures, referral programs, and passive income through staking access to digital products and services within the WeSendit 3.0 ecosystem.

Last December, the $WSI token was listed on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap. A few weeks later, the token was listed on its first centralized exchange, Gate.io and XT.come shortly after.

Based in Zug, WeSendit is an established player in the file transfer market, with 3.5 million users from 10 countries. With over ten years of experience, WeSendit has worked with global players such as Nike, FaceBook (now META), Red Bull and DreamWork.

WeSendit 3.0 seeks to fill a gap in the market at a time when global file-sharing storage consumption is expected to grow from 175000 to 700000 TB in the next few years. In addition to the revamp, WeSendit has a lot planned for 2023, including more listings on exchanges, a massive airdrop, the start of monthly token burns and the launch of the staking platform.