The Rise of Planet IX – Setting New Standards in the Blockchain Gaming Industry

The Rise of Planet IX - Setting New Standards in the Blockchain Gaming Industry

Planet IX is an ambitious project making waves in the blockchain gaming industry. It’s a decentralized Web3 game built on the Polygon network, offering gamers unique opportunities to collect & own digital assets as well as earn rewards.

Since its release, Planet IX has quickly gained traction among players, with over 1 million 24-hour recorded transactions. Furthermore, over 200,000 wallets currently hold the project’s native token, IXT.

This article explores how this project challenges the status quo and works to set new standards in the Web3 gaming industry.

The Planet IX Gaming Experience

The team behind Planet IX is building the world’s largest strategy game in terms of an explorable universe by leveraging the popular Play-to-Earn (P2E) scheme. Strategy games usually imply a more complex dynamic than other online games. The team behind Planet IX has put much thought into creating an engaging, innovative, and rewarding experience for players.

The ecosystem consists of four core components: land acquisition, facility building, energy production, and raiding.

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Players can acquire land in various ways, such as purchasing it through corporations. They can then build various facilities on their land. These facilities produce the energy players need to power their actions in the game. Finally, players can raid other players’ land to earn rewards.

The idea behind Planet IX is to create an immersive gaming experience where players can earn while playing a highly entertaining game they love. While the concept of “play-to-earn” has been tried before, Planet IX are bringing innovation and cutting-edge technology into the mix to produce a new concept that is set to shake the foundations of crypto gaming, and the project’s statistics so far are certainly encouraging for the team over at Planet IX headquarters.

A Project Challenging the Bear Market

Since Bitcoin peaked in November 2021, the bear market has been tough on many crypto projects.

However, despite the bear market, PlanetIX continues to progress toward creating a more equitable gaming economy for all its users. The team has recently reached the top five chart across all blockchains regarding active users, and PlanetIX is currently taking up 10-15% of the whole Polygon chain. Consequently, the game proposes itself as a new successful project in this growing industry.

The recent bull market attracted many new users to various projects and made many games in this field popular. Achieving the same results in a bear market shows product resilience and quality, revealing the project’s true strength and potential.

PlanetIX is one of the projects successfully challenging this bear market, and the team is working on setting an example for many others in the industry.

Taking the Bigger Picture into Account

The Dune platform summarizes the most relevant data from the Planet IX platform. As mentioned earlier, the number of wallets holding the IXT token has recently surpassed 200,000.

The number of wallets holding a token is a reliable indicator of the health and growth of any blockchain network. Dune also reveals that the number of PIX tokens minted has increased to more than 13 million. Furthermore, there are over 82,000 wallet addresses currently holding these PIX tokens.

Dune also gives insight into how many digital territories the community within the game minted, revealing more than  70,000 plots minted.

The amount of PIX traded per week is above the 100,000 mark, a number almost equally divided between listed sales and bids.

Another fundamental indicator of how much market traction a project has is the number of weekly active users. This metric has recently moved from less than 10,000 to over 20,000.

Furthermore, the amount of IXT tokens locked in Staking Pools has gone beyond 30 million tokens in January. Staking is one of the key elements for any project based on proof-of-stake consensus algorithms.

Overall, data from the Dune platform shows that Planet IX is a well-established and growing blockchain ecosystem. Investors and gamers will likely watch it in the upcoming months to see how the project evolves.

The IXT Token Potential

The main aspect of the IXT token is that it reached a bottom of $0.24 in November 2022 and then moved above $0.60. While it may still be too early to speculate on its future performance, the price movements are showing promising signs.

The total supply of IXT is 153 million tokens, which is considerably lower than many of its competitors. This could mean that the token has much more room to grow in market capitalization. 

With a strong team, IXT is an appealing asset that could grow in popularity following the game’s recent success.

The project relies on Polygon’s blockchain infrastructure. Polygon runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, providing cost efficiency in a more scalable network. 

Polygon combines the best features of Ethereum, such as its established stack and tools, into one custom WASM execution environment. This gives developers access to a much faster and more agile development experience.

Overall, IXT seems like a promising asset with plenty of upside potential. Its low issuance and strong fundamentals mean it could soon become one of the most sought-after tokens on the market. Only time will tell if this holds true, with investors monitoring any news or developments surrounding the project.

What Do Gamers Like about Planet IX?

Planet IX is a game that appeals to gamers because of its unique concept and engaging gameplay. Players can buy and trade land, complete tasks, earn rewards, explore the world and make purchases with PIX tokens.

The game’s decentralization makes it more secure, transparent, and trustworthy. This helps players feel confident in their transactions as they don’t have to rely on a centralized server or centralized control.

Moreover, the team behind Planet IX is committed to building an entertaining game that is constantly evolving. With updates and new content added regularly, players can stay engaged and enjoy the journey of playing Planet IX.

Finally, gamers can find the abundance of rewards, promotional offers, and giveaways on Planet IX appealing. These provide extra incentives to players while they explore the world and complete different tasks.

Bottom Line – Where Is Planet IX Headed?

Planet IX is a fast-growing blockchain ecosystem that has seen tremendous growth in the past year. Its low issuance and strong fundamentals make it an attractive asset with plenty of upside potential. Additionally, its unique concept, engaging gameplay, and abundance of rewards have made it popular among gamers.

Only time will tell where Planet IX will go, but it appears to be a promising project with high potential. Investors and gamers will observe the project as any new developments or news could signal significant changes in its value.

Despite the bear market conditions, Planet IX stands out as a beacon of hope for the future of blockchain gaming.

Planet IX’s website and social media channels (Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter) are excellent sources of information regarding the project.