Web3 Platform Accredited Finance Now Accepting New Sign-Ups Amid Its Ecosystem Token Launch

Web3 Platform Accredited Finance Now Accepting New Sign-Ups Amid Its Ecosystem Token Launch

As a strategy to grow its platform during the introduction of its ecosystem token, Accredited Finance, the affordable Web 3 solution for digital asset management, is now taking new sign-ups for its specially adapted TradFi-to-DeFi digital asset custodian.

The Accredited “wallet” mission is straightforward: to enable defi for everyone by seamlessly and elegantly integrating the traditionally knowledgeable person or business into the vast world of cryptocurrencies. Users who sign up for the platform will have access to resources and knowledge to get around the DeFi ecosystem without ever leaving the app. To adapt this transition from the old world of traditional finance to the new paradigm of DeFi, users will find that using the mobile app feels more like using a digital banking app than a cryptocurrency wallet.

Today represents the first time the ecosystem embraces its vision of “Defi For All” and makes the Accredited Finance mobile app available to the general public. Previously, the software was only accessible to a select user base sourced through a venture capital network.

In addition to the Accredited Wallet, the Accredited Finance team also provides customized solutions for businesses looking to increase their liquidity mobilization. Enterprises can manage their specialized financial tools from within the app by building and executing Web3 financial vehicles within a compliance-neutral framework. Later this year, Accredited plans to integrate several additional businesses into the ecosystem.

Accredited Finance is launching its native utility token, ACRDT, to help develop its DeFi ecosystem to promote ecosystem growth and increase user exposure to DeFi. By July 25th, the public will be able to purchase said token, which will be available until the middle of August. Through the Accredited Finance mobile app or its web dashboard at accredited.finance, users can access the token sale.

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The boutique venture capital firm Atomind, which has secured close to $1 million in its closed investment round, is in charge of the ACRDT token presale. After going live, ACRDT will give consumers access to even more DeFi options inside the Accredited Finance ecosystem.

Accredited Finance CEO Paige Horinek said” “We wanted to create an ecosystem for traditionally-minded investors to safely participate in decentralized finance within a framework that is reminiscent of traditional financial applications. Our community has grown to over 500 active users in less than a year. The addition of the Accredited utility token to the ecosystem will further advance our overall vision of creating a bridge between the old world of traditional finance and the new exciting world of DeFi in a compliant and cautious manner. We are excited about this next step in growing our community and user-base, which is now being bolstered through a native utility token.”