WAHED Coin Set to Debut on LBank Exchange on the 5th of December

WAHED Coin Set to Debut on LBank Exchange on the 5th of December

The WAHED ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, WAHED Coin, will be listed on LBank on December 5. The asset fuels an ever-expanding set of capabilities within WAHED’s cutting-edge financial hub.

By listing WAHED Coin on LBank, this digital asset will become accessible to investors worldwide, allowing more people to take advantage of what the WAHED ecosystem offers.

The members of WAHED’s team have been working in the field for decades, and they are now passing on their knowledge to the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. The project uses blockchain technology to aid businesses and increase international giving and investment openness.

Chairman Shaikh Abdulla bin Ahmed bin Salman AlKhalifa is at the head of the executive team. The chairman of WAHED has been working with the government of Bahrain for decades and is the organization’s primary force. Blockchain technology has been brought to light by His Excellency’s recent role as Undersecretary in the Ministry of Housing. The Chairman of WAHED has experience leading the organization in carrying out projects on a national scale.

The Chairman is aided in his duties by Vice Chairman Eng. Abdulrahman Bin Ahmed Al Abdulkader. He has spent the better part of three decades honing his skills in the Ministry of Finance in Saudi Arabia, where his responsibilities have included everything from engineering to real estate. WAHED’s deep understanding of global trade gives it a leg up on the competition in the global investment scene.


Sergio Torromino, a board member, is a successful entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the metals, fabrication, and shipbuilding industries. He also brings a wealth of political experience from his time as an Italian parliamentarian.

Eng. Anas Mahmood oversees Business Development operations, bringing 15 years of experience in managing real estate and construction projects in Bahrain and the United Kingdom.

Wahed Projects’ financial and investment operations are managed by Mr Khalid Jalili, a chartered accountant and the company’s finance director. Khalid brings invaluable industry experience to the team as a former Chief Financial Officer at both banks and government agencies. He also brings over 28 years of experience in finance and auditing to the table.

Having worked in the oil and gas industry for 50 years in East Africa and Italy, WAHED board member Salvatore Nitcotra brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Engineer Muath Abdulraman, the company’s director of strategy, has extensive experience managing construction projects in both Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. An integral part of WAHED’s decision-making is informed by his background in multi-site coordination and regulatory compliance.

As the Technology and Operations Director at WAHED, Migin Vincent oversees the company’s technical operations and contributes his extensive knowledge of IT to the team. Migin has been working in the Middle East for over 15 years. He is responsible for running WAHED’s most important blockchain-based operations smoothly.

Ahmad Fayadh, as Global Marketing Director, rounds out the board of directors. With 20 years of experience in Italy and Bahrain, Ahmad is an expert in mechanical engineering for the oil and gas industry.

WAHED has hired Professor Dr. Muwaffaq AlDulaimi as their Sharia Consultant so that they can follow religious guidelines more closely.

WAHED’s media advisor is Ebrahim AlNaham. Years of experience as a journalist in Bahrain and a position as a permanent chief guest on the most important regional and international satellite channels lend credibility to WAHED’s messaging.

For the WAHED ecosystem, the listing of WAHED Coin on December 5 is just the latest in a long line of achievements that have made it possible to offer international users a fully functional system. Learn about WAHED’s newest partnerships, features, and more by becoming a part of the WAHED community.

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