Bumpy Week for FTX and BNB While Oryen ICO Manages to See Astronomical Progress

Why BNB, Pancakeswap, and Tamadoge have a hard time competing with Oryen ICO

The crypto market is volatile, and it’s not always easy to track which coins are rising or falling. However, some projects manage to stand out above the rest. One such project is Oryen (ORY).

Oryen (ORY) is a new cryptocurrency emerging as one of the most promising crypto platforms. The project is amid its initial coin offering (ICO) and has so far generated a 110% yield.

Without a doubt, the Oryen network aims to make ORY a contender that sits comfortably alongside the likes of BNB and FTX.

Why Oryen?

Oryen is a blockchain platform for all kinds of crypto enthusiasts. It introduces an outstanding feature called Oryen Autostaking Technic, which simplifies and automates the entire staking process. The protocol automatically stakes all ORY tokens directly from the users’ personal wallets. Holders receive gains and rewards at a daily return of 0.177%.

The platform is being developed by a team of professional developers with extensive experience in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency acquisitions, and other technologies related to digital currency trading. This is shown in Jim Crypto’s latest recent Youtube video.


The number of cryptocurrencies and exchanges is proliferating. Business2Community suggests it is best to look to crypto now. However, many barriers to entry still prevent mainstream adoption. ORY aims to solve this by making it easy for anyone to create tokens and trade them on ORY’s exchange. In addition, with its massive 90% APY, Oryen offers one of the highest rates in the industry.

Binance and FTX

The cryptocurrency market saw its biggest dip since February when Binance announced it was acquiring its most relevant competitor, FTX. The news sent markets reeling, and many investors worried the deal would fall through, which, according to recent reports, it has.


BNB and FTX have had a rough week with the price constantly dropping, while Oryen ICO is the fundamental deal by gaining more market weight weekly.

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