Waffle Exchange: Introducing Multiple Defi Services to Benefit The BSC Community

Waffle Exchange: Introducing Multiple Defi Services to Benefit The BSC Community

Waffle Exchange is the latest Dex project leveraging BSC as its base. This decentralized exchange has been designed with excellent features for the benefit of BSC community members. Its main distinguishing feature is the Waffle aggregator.

The Waffle aggregator is a new decentralized exchange tool designed to help Dex users purchase crypto assets in the BSC network at the best prices. How does this tool work?

Till now, investors have had to visit the different exchanges by themselves, scouting for their assets at the best prices. However, with the introduction of the aggregator, the investors’ work will be more accessible.

This aggregator is connected to multiple BSC-based decentralized exchanges like RSet, PancakeSwap, and JulSwap. Therefore, as the investor scouts for a particular asset, the aggregator examines all the Dexes’ prices and shows the market’s best prices.

Therefore, there will be top efficiency in the decentralized exchanges world since investors will see the exchange rates of assets from different Dexes on one dashboard.


Accordingly, Waffle will allow the user to purchase the token using the open trade icon directly. Creating direct links to exchanges helps bolster this aggregator’s simplicity and convenience, making it accessible to everyone, even beginner crypto users.

Waffle Hosting Top Defi Service

The waffle network, in general, is striving to be a one-stop-shop for many Defi services in the BSC network. Apart from hosting an aggregator, the platform has its exchange platform dubbed RSet.

The RSet exchange is providing the opportunity for users to swap assets. Although RSet’s development is already done, this network is still awaiting public launch. It will be hosting multiple crypto assets, and it’s also designed with utter simplicity for the everyday user.

Another vital feature of the platform is the yield farming and staking services.  However, according to the platform’s webpage, these services are yet to be fully developed. However, investors will be able to access these services and earn passive incomes once ready.

The Waffle exchange also hubs a crypto launchpad. Launchpads are common in the crypto world since they help new projects launch their ILOs, IPOs, and ICOs. This particular launchpad will help expand the BSC network’s growth by providing more projects with a fast, safe, and convenient platform for getting crowdfunds.

Waffle will also create another good way for investors to earn income in airdrops. The platform announced on Twitter that it would be releasing $1 million worth of $WAF to the community after the presale ends.

Unique System Governance

The platform’s governance is centred on the community, meaning the community participates in making decisions. This community is the $WAF token holders and pool participants. According to their website, the platform will conduct its governance in two ways.

Foremost, there is pool governance involving pool participants voting on the different parameters for individual pools. For instance, pool governance will help decide the swap fee, the decay period, and the pool’s price impact fee.

Second, there is a factory governance system designed for setting parameters guiding the entire platform. This governance will help decide the general aspects affecting the waffle network, including setting default standards for swap fee, impact fee, etc.

Participate in The Presale Starting Friday

$WAF is the primary utility token of the Waffle network and will be used in running various aspects of the platform. The public presale for this particular token is beginning soon, and all investors are invited to participate.

The presale is starting on 16th Friday, 2021, and the time is set at 00:00 UTC. The presale $WAF token valuation is every BNB is equal to 6666 $WAF. Accordingly, each wallet can buy a maximum of 10BNB in the presale. As seen in the private sale, the $WAF token is a high value and demand token; therefore, it would be better for investors to come in early.