Vitalik Buterin On How The World’s Second-Largest Cryptocurrency Was Named

Vitalik Buterin On How The World's Second-Largest Cryptocurrency Was Named

A now-abandoned scientific theory about matter, light, space, and electromagnetism has been discovered to be Vitalik Buterin’s muse in the naming of Ethereum eight years ago. This was made known by Camila Russo, a renowned Bloomberg ex-journalist who co-owns the popular news platform The DeFiant.

Ether or Aether, is a popular 20th-century theory of physics first proposed by philosopher Rene Descartes in 1644, which sought to explain how waves and signals travel undetected by the naked human eye. It was eventually disputed by Albert Einstein to be replaced with a now popular theory of relativity, proposed by Einstein as well.

Buterin, whose early stints into the crypto space involved writing a couple of crypto-related articles in his late teens, must have been a fan of Sci-Fi to have dug out a defunct physics theory as the chosen name of one of the most successful blockchain projects ever.

Today, no thanks to Vitalik, the nomenclature Ether, has found a new purpose and is widely known to be the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain. 

The Dream Behind Ethereum

Vitalik’s original intent was to create a seamless, powerful, untraceable unifying blockchain network protocol that many other platforms can be hosted upon and function to maximum capacity.


Today, there are over 3000 decentralized apps that have made Ethereurm their native home, making it the busiest blockchain to ever have been created.

Another thing that has been made busy by Ethereum is Vitalik’s pockets. In April 2021, Vitalik became one of the world’s youngest billionaires after a sweet success run, saw ETH value double up over 120% to reach a >$4000 ATH.

Vitalik has since shed off some of the energy-consuming, low-profiting tokens like Shiba Inu,  in his wallet, donating them to fight COVID-related issues in India.

More Wins For ETH

With China looking to host its Digital currency on a reliable base like the ETH platform, and an EIP upgrade underway, there is more hope of future growth for the coin, even though current trends have continued to test its resistance for a longer period than normal.

ETHUSD Chart By TradingView

ETH at current market observation, frailty clings to a $2,500 resistance mark, gaining over a 3% increase since the start of trading today. The last two weeks saw over 95% of its accumulated leverage wiped off as it dropped below the $2,000 belt for hours.