VisionsDao Presents Modular GameFi Stack For Sustainable Economies As It Exits Stealth Mode

VisionsDao Presents Modular GameFi Stack For Sustainable Economies As It Exits Stealth Mode

VisionsDAO is a young GameFi infrastructure startup working on developing a foundational primitive that game developers could use to implement sound cryptoeconomic designs and plug-and-play modules that will enable a new wave of sustainable on-chain Web3 games to enter the market and succeed.

Through top-notch crypto-economic modules that shorten time-to-market and lower development costs and risks for Web3 game developers and traditional game studios looking to switch to blockchain-powered games, VisionsDAO aims to enable engaging gameplay and circular game economies.

“When earning became the main design focus for players, guilds and project teams, games felt more like jobs than sources of joy, and the end result was higher acquisition costs, and lower retention rates.” – said VisionsDAO co-founder Nico Rodriguez.

Many games encountered one of the problems with unsustainable hyper-inflationary token designs that forced new players to purchase an ever-increasing quantity of tokens that flooded the market. As a result, token prices fell, and failure rates at first-wave GameFi companies were discussed with trepidation by investors, founders, and gamers alike.

To address that, VisionsDAO created a stack of five modules that game designers can use all at once or individually to create a fully on-chain business simulation game. Anyone can create their own simulation game using the Visions-SDK by configuring the module parameters to work exactly how they want them to.


Nico Rodriguez, technical development project lead said: “We’re making the development of on-chain business simulation & economy games so streamlined that we also believe that not only legacy gaming studios and Web3 game builders will benefit from our stack, but also that we will enable the emergence of DAO Social Games as a new community building tool, increasing their size and engagement, while also helping DAOs and Protocols to expand their treasury via novel mechanisms such as crafting items through forging fungible and non-fungible digital assets.” 

Builders can release games that operate on-chain, with interoperability across EVM compatible blockchains, taking advantage of circular economic features, and lowering the risk of hyperinflation by using the VisionsDAO SDK. The modules are created with the same mentality that makes demanding DeFi protocols work.

VisionsDAO received enormous support from accelerators and strategic partners like Alliance DAO and Kilonova Ventures in addition to raising $2.2 million in their seed round from industry heavyweights like Animoca Brands, Spartan, and trailblazing founders and angels like Trent McConaughy, Bruce Pon, and John Lilic.

All game developers, die-hard gamers, DAO members, investors, and fans of GameFi are invited to get in touch with the founders via their website to learn more about the protocol and to discuss potential future collaboration opportunities.