VikiCoin: Revolutionizing The Internet Marketplace With Crypto

VikiCoin: Revolutionizing The Internet Marketplace With Crypto

2021 turned out to be quite successful for the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin’s renewed all-time highs, rising interest in meme tokens, and the explosion of NFTs have left hope that 2022 will be just as fruitful.

In the third decade of 2022, the release of the new Viki project will take place. You can join the platform in the near future: on January 14, the ICO began, in which anyone can take part.

About the project.

This project is based on a promising and realizable concept: the creation of an internet marketplace that uses cryptocurrencies to pay for goods.

Many digital assets were originally conceived as payment instruments. Despite the fact that 13 years have passed since the release of Bitcoin, this method of payment has not yet become widespread, and the cryptocurrency is used mainly for savings, investments, and private transfers.


VikiShop, as the first global token-focused marketplace, will turn things around 180 degrees.

Store features

The online store VikiShop is a marketplace where cryptocurrencies and tokens are the main payment instrument. In addition to the VikiCoin utility token, which will be discussed below, users will be able to use:







For users, this is an opportunity to quickly and conveniently pay for the desired goods. Real manufacturers and retailers will be able to place their products on the marketplace pages, expand their customer base and join the world of crypto payments.

For both parties, the VikiShop platform is also an opportunity to conduct secure transactions thanks to the advantages of using decentralized technologies.

VikiCoin utility token.

The main payment instrument on the platform will be the VikiCoin token. Some information about it:

1.General offer — 1,000,000,000,000 VIKI without additional issue
2. Blockchain — Binance Smart Chain;
3. 57% of the total supply will be distributed among investors, 30% is intended to provide liquidity, 7% will go to the team for the development of the project, the rest — to reward bounty participants and advertising partners.

Additional functions are also assumed: for example, the ability to receive cash back for purchases at VIKI or earn by staking.

It will be possible to buy a token at the ICO stage for BNB at a rate of 1 to 0.0000000025. A fairly active and fast listing of the coin on exchanges is planned, thanks to which investors can almost immediately start earning on the growth of the VIKI rate.

Safe investment

One of the main features and an important advantage of the project is secure investments in VikiCoin, secured by smart contracts. By investing in any project, you can change your mind at any time.
In this case, the developers have provided an option for an automatic return on investment. You can refuse to participate in the project at any time, and the full amount of investments will be returned to the wallet.

Project roadmap

VikiCoin is a completely new concept, the idea for which came from the developers in 2021. Today, every investor gets the opportunity to join a promising startup at the inception stage and be among the first to start receiving dividends.

The main stages of the project development, marked in the roadmap:
1. January 2022 — the beginning of the ICO and the opportunity to invest;
2. April 2022 — listing of PancakeSwap and then on major exchanges: Binance,, Xt, Coinsbit, Azbit and others;
3. September 2022 — integration with Binance Smart Chain;
4. November 2022 — launch of the VikiShop platform;
5.2023 — launch of the marketplace mobile application.

Project prospects

VikiCoin is expected to achieve exponential growth in 2022. The token has everything that usually provides market demand and a stable rise in price:

-An idea that meets the needs of the audience, is able to satisfy them, and is realistic from the point of view of implementation in the near future;
-Limited supply of tokens and rejection of the principle of additional emission;
-A more advanced blockchain system based on, in this case, Binance Smart Chain;
-Fair distribution of the total supply of tokens and protection of investments for those who join the project at the ICO stage.

Disclaimer: This is a paid press release and should not be viewed as a news or investment recommendation. Readers should conduct their own independent research before taking any actions related to the company, product, or project mentioned in this piece.