Turn Trading Fees Into Assets With VDollar

Turn Trading Fees Into Assets With VDollar

VDollar is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Colorado as ‘VDollar Exchange LTD’. it is fully regulated under the jurisdiction of the United States, with the registration of MSB. The company is bringing new features into crypto trading with a three-part business model, namely digital currency Exchange, ultra-circular digital currency wallet, and new trading n’ mining coins.

The crypto exchange provides a comprehensive international platform for trading digital assets. Services on this platform include Exchange,Margin,OTC,Coin-margined Swaps,USDT-margined Swaps etc.

The VDollar ultra-circular digital currency wallet makes it easier for users to transfer,deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies. The wallet, though built on the basis of traditional crypto wallets, has been upgraded to provide the best of these services to customers.

The brand new Trading is Mining mechanism automatically puts transaction fees into the URP (USDT Reserve Pool), which forms the underlying asset for the underlying asset for the company’s token known as VDollar. Each token will be pegged to one URP, giving the tokens real value. The supply of tokens is capped at 10 million and will be owned by all token holders with a public chain address. 

The following features make the VDollar platform different from any other crypto trading platform in existence.


New Trading Mining: This is an innovative mining system that is coming to crypto for the first time through VDollar. 100% of transaction fees go into the USDT Reserve Pool upon which the VDollar token is pegged.

USDT Reserve Pool: The backup asset for the platform’s token, URP is a transparent protocol with on-chain published publicly and easily verifiable.

Perpetual Motion Machine: There will be a 10 million URP issuance cap. For each one, a 1 USDT of transaction fee conversion is mined in the first phase. The cap is halved for each phase in order to ensure that the token is deflationary, meaning the value will increase over time.

Super representative generation mechanism: 32 super representatives are elected by votes to represent the VDollar community. This number does not increase for life.

 Regulated/Licensed: Apart from the unique features listed above, VDollar is also a duly registered and regulated platform. This makes it a secure and trustworthy place to trade cryptocurrencies and enjoy the additional benefits that come with it.

VDollar vs BNB

The nearest token to VDollar in the crypto space is BNB, which is the native token for Binance exchange. However, VDollar’s model puts it in a position to outcompete BNB in the near future through rapid price rise because of the deflationary nature and other features as shown in the table below.

Platform tokenVDollarBNB
Issuance Cap10 million200million
100% of the transaction fees support Platform tokenYesNo
Diminishing outputYesNo
Transparent & VerifiableYesNo

The smaller 10 million cap compared to BNB’s 200 million means VDollar is more scarce and so will be quickly more valuable. It also has a diminishing output, which also adds to the appreciation advantage. Apart from that, it is transparent and publicly verifiable, unlike BNB.