“TRX is a shitcoin,” Blockstream CEO Adam Back Lambasts Tron

“TRX is a shitcoin,” Blockstream CEO Adam Back Lambasts Tron

The crypto Twitter is on fire and Adam Back is holding the match box.

The apparently heated conversation started when Adam Back sent out a tweet acknowledging the power of Bitcoin over most other cryptos. He went ahead to advise people to buy and hodl BTC, terming it the “most effective thing” one can do. Adam who is the co-founder and CEO of Blockstream is also a cypherpunk, cryptographer, and inventor of the hashcash system used in Bitcoin mining.

In his argument, Adam Back compared the crypto space to a burning Rome (a city), and in this case, Bitcoin presents a rather escalated chance to offer a viable solution.

Build And Drive Bitcoin

Adam went ahead to say people should abandon other systems that have so far proven minimally effect, and instead join the Bitcoin bandwagon and actively participate in its expansion. One thing that Adam Back wants to people to focus on is boosting Bitcoin adoption and accumulating to hodl. As mentioned, he called this move the “most effective thing.”

As expected, his tweet didn’t go unnoticed, and most especially by people who seem to think that he has been supporting Tron (TRX). One commenter even intimated him of “driving” Bitcoin by supporting TRX. However, Adam had a rather colorful rebuttal to this slur.


“TRX is a shitcoin”

Responding to the user, Adam flatly asserted that “TRX is a shitcoin”, clearly indicating that he doesn’t really like it a bit.

Frankly, Adam Back isn’t the first person to refer to some altcoins as shitcoins. The word has been in circulation for some time now. It grows in strength every time Bitcoin outperforms altcoins.

In the case of TRX, it’s notable that people haven’t been particularly impressed by its performance and how the network has been managed of late.

These insecurities have fueled a state of uncertainty among many adherents, and not even Justin Sun’s efforts to assure users have successfully surmounted the fears that the network may be turning into a centralized dictatorship. In that respect, that could probably be one of the reasons that have led people like Adam Back to discard TRX.